Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Friday, August 7, 2020
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Nvidia Leads Booming Ethernet Adapter Market

Nvidia Leads Booming Ethernet Adapter Market

Among the growing list of pandemic-driven technology segments are programable Ethernet adapters being deployed by cloud service ...

AWS re:Invent Goes Virtual (and Free) as COVID-19 Conference Cancellations Continue

AWS re:Invent Goes Virtual (and Free) as COVID-19 Conference Cancellations ...

AWS re:Invent has been re-imagined as a free, three-week virtual conference taking place in early December, Amazon ...

Nvidia Said to Be Close on Arm Deal

Nvidia Said to Be Close on Arm Deal

GPU leader Nvidia Corp. is in talks to buy U.K. chip designer Arm from parent company Softbank, ...

Nvidia Dominates Latest MLPerf Training Benchmark Results

Nvidia Dominates Latest MLPerf Training Benchmark Results released its third round of training benchmark (v0.7) results today and Nvidia again dominated, claiming 16 ...


August 4, 2020
Among the growing list of pandemic-driven technology segments are programable Ethernet adapters being deployed by cloud service providers as they scramble to meet bandwidth demand generated by homes offices. The server and Ethernet adapter boom also have accelerated deployments of programmable network interface cards (NICs), with Nvidia’s former Mellanox unit alone posting a 96 percent gain in quarterly revenues ... Full article
August 4, 2020
Red Hat continues to expand its OpenShift container applications platform with virtualization capabilities aimed at virtual machine-based workloads while integrating VM tools into its enterprise Linux distribution to handle emerging cloud-native applications. Cloud-native security tools for OpenShift were also added this week to the Red Hat’s marketplace. The IBM unit (NYSE: IBM) this week released an updated virtualization tool ... Full article
August 3, 2020
AWS re:Invent has been re-imagined as a free, three-week virtual conference taking place in early December, Amazon Web Services announced last week, as the fall lineup of physical tech conferences continues to dwindle as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and online offerings continue to grow. When the novel coronavirus reared its ugly head earlier this year, wiping out ... Full article
July 29, 2020
The death of the enterprise datacenter has been greatly exaggerated, an annual survey finds, adding that on-premises infrastructure is “neither dead nor dying” despite a migration of some critical workloads to public clouds. The Uptime Institute’s annual datacenter survey released this week finds that more than half of enterprise workloads are expected to remain—secured—in-house through 2022. And despite much ... Full article
July 28, 2020
The conventional wisdom holds that Internet of Things and data analytics applications are driving the steady shift of server deployments to the networks. Certainly, the overriding requirement is placing processing horsepower closer to edge devices and end users. It turns out that the forecast doubling of edge server deployments over the next several years is instead being driven by ... Full article
July 24, 2020
Lightbits Labs, the “originator” of NVM Express over TCP block storage, said the latest version of its LightOS platform integrates cloud-native persistent storage for Kubernetes. The result is said to be improved scaling and availability via clustering. San Jose-based Lightbits’ architecture separates storage and computing while leveraging NVMe/TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). Its software-defined storage framework now targets container-based applications ... Full article
July 21, 2020
Public cloud contenders hustling to keep pace with market leaders continue to differentiate their offerings with the rollout of new services spanning hybrid cloud deployments to network orchestration schemes. For example, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and its Red Hat unit announced a partnership this week with Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) covering hybrid cloud deployments along with new cloud-based financial and document ... Full article
July 17, 2020
Cloud and software vendors of various stripes and high-flying big data analytics provider Palantir Technologies have gauged financial market sentiments and decided now is the time to launch initial stock offerings. For Palantir, which has been racking up a growing list of U.S. government contracts spanning Pentagon data mining technologies to COVID-19 analytics, the question was when, not if, the ... Full article
July 17, 2020
Standards group JEDEC announced the publication of the DDR5 SDRAM spec, the next-generation standard for random access memory (RAM). Compared to DDR4, the DDR5 spec delivers twice the performance and improved power efficiency, addressing ever-growing demand from datacenter and cloud environments, as well as artificial intelligence and HPC applications. Providing up to 6.4 Gbps, DDR5 doubles the bandwidth of ... Full article
July 16, 2020
Responding to what they say is a wave of pandemic-driven automation, IBM and Verizon have announced an Internet of Things partnership that combines IBM’s AI, hybrid cloud and asset management tools with the wireless carrier’s 5G and edge computing technologies. The partners said this week they will collaborate to deploy 5G wireless and edge computing for IoT and future ... Full article
July 10, 2020
Software-defined storage and virtualized servers have become key building blocks of hyperconverged IT infrastructure running on commodity equipment. VMware (NYSE: VMW) and its majority shareholder, Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL), are among the leaders in the emerging HCI sector, with other infrastructure and networking vendors challenging for a piece of an $11 billion market that is expected to grow to ... Full article
July 9, 2020
A design kit tailored to PCI Express 4.0 data fabrics combines orchestration software from infrastructure platform vendor Liqid and silicon switch giant Broadcom. The goal is accelerating application prototyping, testing and development that would expand enterprise adoption of higher-bandwidth PCIe connectivity in datacenters and hybrid clouds. The reference design kit released this week is aimed at developers deploying next-generation ... Full article
July 8, 2020
The innovation engine that is Kubernetes is prompting infrastructure vendors to open their wallets to acquire developers whose platforms are based on the open source cluster orchestrator. Suse, the open source cloud infrastructure specialist, is the latest, moving to boost its enterprise Kubernetes management portfolio with the acquisition of Rancher Labs. Terms of the acquisition announced on Wednesday (July ... Full article
July 1, 2020
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has long talked about moving manufacturing and other industrial activities off the earth as a way to preserve our only home. The cloud giant took “one small step” toward a “sustainable commercial space economy” this week with the launch of a dedicated space business unit. Amazon Web Services’ “Aerospace and Satellite Solutions” operation is built ... Full article
June 26, 2020
FPGAs are increasingly used to accelerate AI workloads in datacenters for tasks like machine learning inference. A growing list of FPGA accelerators are challenging datacenter GPU deployments, promising to unburden already overworked CPUs in datacenter servers. Earlier this month, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) launched its Stratix 10 NX FPGA with an eye toward AI model training and inference. Xilinx (NASDAQ: ... Full article
June 24, 2020
China’s latest set of technology goals for the next decade have been assimilated into an initiative launched this spring under the rubric, “new infrastructure.” Collectively, the aspirational blueprint includes 5G wireless and the Internet of Things, big data and AI as well as converged infrastructure aimed at a menu of smart applications ranging from energy and transportation to spurring ... Full article
June 23, 2020
A growing list of cloud storage startups continue to emerge as enterprises struggle to get a handle on big data while seeking to move computing closer to where data resides. The latest entrant is Nebulon Inc., a Bay Area cloud-defined storage startup that emerged from stealth mode this week with an API-based approach designed to cut storage costs for ... Full article
June 23, 2020
Hewlett Packard Enterprise continues to extend its GreenLake cloud services to the network edge with the addition of faster deployments for distributed environments ranging from application containers and virtual machines to machine learning workloads and other networking deployments aimed at moving computing resources closer to data. Launched in 2017 as a consumption-based, managed service, the latest version of Greenlake ... Full article
June 22, 2020
Nvidia unveiled its Selene AI supercomputer today in tandem with the updated listing of world’s fastest computers. Nvidia also introduced the PCIe form factor of the Ampere-based A100 GPU. Nvidia’s new internal AI supercomputer, Selene, joins the upper echelon of the 55th Top500’s ranks and breaks an energy-efficiency barrier. With 27.5 double-precision Linpack petaflops, Selene landed the number seventh ... Full article
June 22, 2020
When Nvidia announced its acquisition of Mellanox, the GPU leader noted that datacenters would eventually be built like high performance computers. Hence, it’s not surprising the first fruits of Nvidia’s 2019 acquisition of the networking specialist focuses on applying AI to security and predictive maintenance applications in InfiniBand datacenters. The supercomputer datacenter “cyber-AI platform” unveiled this week is built ... Full article

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