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Xilinx Says Its New FPGA is World’s Largest

Xilinx Says Its New FPGA is World’s Largest

In this age of exploding “technology disaggregation” – in which the Big Bang emanating from the Intel ... $72.5M Funding Round for AI Democratization $72.5M Funding Round for AI Democratization

Every company should become an AI company, according to Sri Ambati, founder and CEO of With ...

Photonics Chiplet Startup Touts Terabit/Second I/O Bandwidth, 10X Lower Power

Photonics Chiplet Startup Touts Terabit/Second I/O Bandwidth, 10X Lower Pow...

Silicon startup Ayar Labs continues to gain momentum with its optical chiplet technology that puts advanced electronics ...

Singularity Moves Up the Container Value Chain

Singularity Moves Up the Container Value Chain

The enterprise version of the Singularity HPC container platform released this week by Sylabs is designed to ...

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Center Stage

Silicon Valley’s must attend event announces two exclusive workshops & sample attendee list

Hyperscalers, semiconductor companies, device manufacturers and the critical mass of AI hardware start-ups from across the globe, will present their approaches to processing machine learning training and inference workloads in both server and client computing at the AI Hardware Summit, September 17 – 18, 2019 in the Computer History Museum.

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The emerging market for storage equipment based on the Open Compute Project is expected to more than double through 2023, according to datacenter storage equipment forecast. IHS Markit said this week it expects global revenues from the purchase of OCP-compliant storage gear to reach $5.4 billion by 2023. The current market is pegged at $2.5 billion, with OCP storage ... Full article
Red Hat is integrating into its OpenShift platform a trio of service meshes designed to ease management and security of microservices running in application containers. The mesh is based on the IBM- and Google-backed Istio and other open source meshes and it's aimed at simplifying microservices connections orchestrated by Kubernetes spanning hybrid cloud deployments. The IBM (NYSE: IBM) unit ... Full article
In this age of exploding “technology disaggregation” – in which the Big Bang emanating from the Intel x86 CPU has produced significant advances in CPU chips and a raft of alternative, accelerated architectures – has incited a permanent struggle comprised of permanent processor foes struggling for dominance in their product categories. One of them is FPGA kingpin Xilinx, which ... Full article
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IBM has announced it was contributing the instruction set (ISA) for its Power microprocessor and the designs for the Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI) and Open Memory Interface (OMI) to the Linux Foundation. It also reported the OpenPOWER Foundation would become a Linux Foundation entity subject to its governance rules. Ken King, IBM general manager for OpenPOWER, made ... Full article
Every company should become an AI company, according to Sri Ambati, founder and CEO of With $72.5 million in additional funding announced today and a new release of its autoML solution, Driverless AI, Ambati is making the case that should be the vehicle to get them there. Ambati points to customer success as evidence that his Mountain ... Full article
Silicon startup Ayar Labs continues to gain momentum with its optical chiplet technology that puts advanced electronics and optics on the same chip using standard CMOS fabrication. At Hot Chips 31 in Stanford, CA, this week, Ayar will show results of its work with DARPA (the U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and Intel on an ... Full article
The enterprise version of the Singularity HPC container platform released this week by Sylabs is designed to allow users to create, secure and share the high-end containers in self-hosted production deployments. The enterprise version emerged from beta testing that commenced in April. The upgraded edition of incorporates a “remote builder” service that allows developers to use Singularity’s image format ... Full article
Determining value and adapting a business to a changing environment is the focus of the University of Saint Gallen working paper, “The St. Gallen Business Model Navigator.” With examples such as Kodak’s comical projection in 1999 that in 10 years digital cameras would only account for 5 percent of the market (the converse was true, digital cameras had 95 ... Full article
AT&T added to its growing list of 5G wireless partnerships this week, announcing collaboration with Dell Technologies to develop “cloud-oriented 5G” wireless infrastructure built upon an open source tools used to automate cloud provisioning. Among the goals of this and other partnerships is leveraging 5G's higher data rates along with infrastructure upgrades to handle high-end workloads at the network ... Full article
Nvidia says it’s achieved significant advances in conversation natural language processing (NLP) training and inference, enabling more complex, immediate-response interchanges between customers and chatbots. And the company says it has a new language training model in the works that dwarfs existing ones. Nvidia said its DGX-2 AI platform trained the BERT-Large AI language model in less than an hour ... Full article
Frameworks for explaining the rationales underlying AI-based decisions continue to make progress in the form of an AI agent that attempts to provide straightforward English explanations in a readily interpretable form. Eventually, users could seek alternative explanations. (See also Explaining AI Decisions to Your Customers: IBM Toolkit for Algorithm Accountability.) University researchers tackled the explainable AI dilemma by training ... Full article
Cisco Systems is beefing up its Webex collaboration platform with new AI and automated speech recognition tools acquired through its purchase of Voicea, an AI-based transcription and voice search specialist. Webex is the keystone of Cisco’s Cognitive Collaboration portfolio that is being steadily upgraded with automation tools designed to preserve notes and assemble action items from conference calls. The ... Full article
IBM has introduced a toolkit of algorithms to enable interpretability and explainability of machine learning models – i.e., algorithms for understanding algorithms (have we mentioned lately that AI is a bit complicated?). In simpler terms, IBM’s AI Explainability 360 is designed to help AI users address customers’ (such as bank or insurance company customers) concerns whether AI has treated ... Full article
 The impact of AI becomes evident in an organization as existing processes get re-written and automation capabilities are deployed. But without clarity about how AI will support business goals, a lot of money and goodwill could be wasted. Stakeholder involvement is essential, as is overall team organizational support. How can companies best work to integrate AI both top-down and ... Full article
Recent jockeying within the datacenter networking market underscores the steady shift toward Ethernet-based silicon switching as Intel, Nvidia and others vie to unclog networking bottlenecks and perhaps challenge market leader Broadcom. Those key silicon vendors along with Arista and Marvell (NASDAQ: MRVL) have all made acquisitions or forged partnerships designed to boost their presence in the datacenter switching market. As ... Full article
An open source group is expanding its third-party security audits to include the popular but vulnerable Kubernetes cluster orchestrator. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced this week it would add Kubernetes to its pilot program of public security audits. Earlier audits of other open-source projects—CoreDNS, Envoy and Prometheus—uncovered security issues ranging from “general weaknesses to critical vulnerabilities,” the group ... Full article
This week’s big tech news – AMD’s release of the Epyc Rome CPU, the industry’s first 7nm server chip – got a major boost when Google confirmed that it now uses the new processor for internal workloads and will soon make it available to Google Cloud customers. In AMD’s struggle to take market share from Intel in the lucrative ... Full article
From a gala event at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco yesterday (Aug. 7), AMD launched its 2nd generation Epyc Rome chips, based on its 7nm process technology. The new AMD Epyc 7002 series is a follow-on to the first-gen 14nm Epyc Naples CPUs, released in June 2017. The announcement marks a significant competitive step for AMD ... Full article
The latest security vulnerability discovered within the Kubernetes cluster orchestrator could allow intruders to access, modify or delete computing and storage resources configured across a cluster. The flaw in the Kubernetes server API, designated CVE-2019-11247, allows access and deletion of those “custom resources.” Intruders could access cluster-wide resources with only standard role-based access control, or RBAC, permissions. In response, ... Full article
Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Advanced Micro Devices are claiming a batch of benchmark performance records for HPE servers equipped with AMD’s latest Epyc processor. The virtualization performance and power efficiency world records announced this week were achieved on HPE ProLiant DL325 and DL385 servers equipped with the second-generation AMD Epyc Rome processor that launched today (Aug. 7). The partners ... Full article
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VMware has championed the virtues of virtualization of the x86 architecture for more than 20 years, and now the company plans to extend its ...
The latest enterprise version of the Docker software container platform is aimed at delivering cloud-native applications from hybrid cloud deployments out to emerging network ...
Oh, to be a data scientist now that AI is here. Money, prestige, deference and little interference, since few understand much of what data ...
For the first time, Google is positioning itself as a competitor to the likes of PlayStation and Xbox with its new offering, Stadia, a ...
Data centers and supercomputers running AI workloads consume a lot of power, and power use causes carbon emissions. That’s generally known, but it’s not ...
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