Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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At the hybrid Intel Vision event today, Intel’s Habana Labs team launched two major new products: Gaudi2, the second generation of the Gaudi deep learning training processor; and Greco, the successor to the Goya deep learning inference processor. Intel says that the processors offer significant speedups relative to their predecessors and the competition. Gaudi2 processors ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Sara Andrews Marvell, a provider of data infrastructure semiconductor solutions, appointed Sara Andrews to its board of directors. Andrews currently serves as the chief information security officer at Experian. ... Full article
Panasas started off specializing in storage hardware, but more than 20 years on, the company is placing a big bet on its software stack to meet storage needs for high-performance applications. The company on Wednesday introduced new storage products called ActiveStor Ultra XL and ActiveStor Flash for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence applications. The products ... Full article
In a one-two punch of new AI announcements, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced its new Machine Learning Development System (MLDS) and Swarm Learning solutions. Both are aimed at easing the burdens of AI development in a development environment that increasingly features large amounts of protected data and specialized hardware. HPE’s MLDS HPE pitches the ... Full article
Open source service mesh project Istio has announced its intention to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as an incubating project. Google, IBM, and Lyft launched Istio v0.1 in May 2017, and according to the Istio Steering Committee’s announcement, “That first version set the standard for what a service mesh should be: traffic management, policy enforcement, ... Full article
Nearly two years ago, OpenAI’s 175 billion-parameter GPT-3 language model opened the world’s eyes to what large language models (LLMs) could accomplish with relatively little input, sensibly answering questions, translating text, and even generating its own pieces of creative writing. GPT-3’s success in few-shot learning was itself succeeded by models like Google’s LaMDA (137 billion ... Full article
Hardware startup d-Matrix says the $44 million it raised in a Series A round this week (April 20) will help it continue development of a novel “chiplet” architecture that uses 6 nanometer chip embedded in SRAM memory modules for accelerating AI workloads. The goal is to deliver an order of magnitude efficiency boost in inference ... Full article
It’s been six years since European Union (EU) passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a wide-ranging and complex regulation intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the EU. Now, as analogous regulations around artificial intelligence (AI) are fomenting in multiple parts of the world, the business world’s experience with GDPR ... Full article
AI is becoming more ubiquitous, from everyday voice assistants and online shopping to healthcare and workplace management — but can we trust it? That question was the headline of a panel called “Can We Trust AI?” during the Discover Experiential AI event at Northeastern University’s Institute for Experiential AI (EAI) this week. The panel was moderated by ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Rob Bailer and  Brian Gracely, the application networking company, appointed Rob Bailer as its chief financial officer and Brian Gracely as its vice president of product strategy. Bailer ... Full article
In this contributed Q&A, ISC’s Nages Sieslack interviews Rev Lebaredian, vice president of Omniverse and simulation technology at Nvidia, about the use of digital twin technology for science and industry. Lebaredian will be delivering the opening keynote at ISC 2022 in partnership with Michele Melchiorre, senior vice president of production system, technical planning, tool shop ... Full article
MLCommons today released its latest MLPerf inferencing results, with another strong showing by Nvidia accelerators inside a diverse array of systems. Roughly four years old, MLPerf still struggles to attract wider participation from accelerator suppliers. Nevertheless, overall performance and participation was up, with 19 organizations submitting twice as many results and six times as many ... Full article
Further evidence of the blossoming diversity of architectures offered in the cloud arrived this week with the news that Ampere Altra Arm-based processors have been added to Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure. Microsoft says the Arm-based instances, currently in preview, offer up to 50 percent better price-performance than comparable x86-based virtual machines (VMs) for scale-out workloads. “The ... Full article
Enterprises use intelligent automation to automate a wide variety of manual tasks, thereby freeing up their employees to spend more time on creative, higher-level activities. As a result, employees are empowered to deliver their customers better products, services, and experiences. Benefits like these have driven enterprises to rapidly adopt intelligent automation. According to Gartner, “the ... Full article
From weather sensors and autonomous vehicles to electric grid monitoring and cloud gaming, the world’s edge computing is getting increasingly complex — but the world of HPC hasn’t necessarily caught up to these rapid innovations at the edge. At a panel at Nvidia’s virtual GTC22 (“HPC, AI, and the Edge”), five experts discussed how leading-edge HPC applications ... Full article
Over 16 months ago, Pfizer achieved a historic scientific moonshot — the unprecedentedly swift development and authorization of a novel vaccine for a novel virus using methods that hitherto had not been used in approved drugs at scale. Throughout the pandemic, nearly every public research supercomputer pivoted to some form of Covid research, but the ... Full article
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