Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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ELT Automation: 8 Reasons to Make the Switch

Extraction, loading, and transformation (ELT) processes have been in existence for almost 30 years. It has been a programming skill set mandatory for those responsible for the creation of analytical environments and their maintenance because ELT automation works. Sadly though, ELT alone is not good enough...

Google’s latest developments in AI have left the community wanting more. The rollout to Gemini came with image generation issues that CEO Sundar Pichai called “completely unacceptable”. However, the search giant is making strides towards improving its grasp on the exploding AI market. The twin announcements out of the BioIT World Conference & Expo are ... Full article
Scientists have an image problem. Each year, over a million scientific articles are published, most of which contain complex figures with multiple embedded images, graphs, and illustrations woven throughout the text. Sadly, effectively searching and extracting these images for use by deep learning models has proven challenging. To solve this issue, scientists at the U.S. ... Full article
Fine-tuning plays a vital role in the construction of valuable AI tools. This process of refining pre-trained models with more targeted datasets can allow users to vastly increase a model’s understanding of content, allowing the user to augment existing knowledge for a specific task. Although this process can take time, it is often three times ... Full article
The rapid proliferation of GenAI is continuing to transform how we interact with AI/ML. GenAI is now taking different forms of multimodality, where it has the capability to process and interpret multiple sensory inputs simultaneously. These multimodal applications need specialized AI chips that are optimized to process diverse data types and handle the complexity of ... Full article
Europe’s push into AI is intensifying, with Paris-based startup Mistral AI landing a major coup. Just months after raising a staggering $484 million at a $2 billion valuation, the generative AI company has announced that its latest large language model, Mistral Large, is now available on Amazon Web Services' Bedrock platform. Mistral's rapid ascent has ... Full article
Hope springs eternal on Opening Day. Every team starts with a perfect record and dreams of winning the World Series in six months. For the Texas Rangers, defending their championship will require the proper mix of hard work, determination, and luck. Oh, and data–lots and lots of data. The Texas Rangers worked hard, both on ... Full article
The surge in demand for GenAI has created a pressing need for AI-powered data centers that have the capabilities to handle complex AI models and process large data volumes. Data centers must be able to scale seamlessly to accommodate increasing workloads.  According to a report by The Information, Microsoft and OpenAI are discussing a project ... Full article
An Nvidia executive shared a bold vision of AI economies where individuals and companies can sell their AI assets, such as data, software, or models, without compromising their intellectual property. There’s a critical underlying technology required: confidential AI, which will help parties build secure vaults to protect their AI assets. The emerging concept of “confidential ... Full article
The Masters golf tournament has long been synonymous with tradition, elegance, and the pinnacle of the sport. But behind the tournament's timeless charm lies a relentless drive to innovate and embrace new technologies that enhance the fan experience. From being the first to use leaderboards and implement the over/under scoring system to pioneering radio and ... Full article
OpenAI recently shared some preliminary results and insights from a preview of Voice Engine - the company’s voice cloning AI model that has been in development since 2022. The Voice Engine powers the Read Aloud feature in OpenAI’s hugely popular ChatGPT models and is also available as a text-to-speech API.  According to OpenAI, the Voice ... Full article
If education is the great equalizer, then an education in computer science must be the most equalizing force currently available to humanity.  Computers are central to just about everything modern society does, and the people skilled with these machines can reach great heights regardless of where they come from. Sameer Maskey’s story of triumph is ... Full article
There were no startling surprises in the latest MLPerf Inference benchmark (4.0) results released yesterday. Two new workloads — Llama 2 and Stable Diffusion XL — were added to the benchmark suite as MLPerf continues to keep pace with fast-moving ML technology. Nvidia showcased H100 and H200 results, Qualcomm’s Cloud AI 100 Ultra (preview category) ... Full article
The GenAI boom last year triggered a desperate scramble among tech companies to adopt the new technology. With such immense potential on the line, an AI arms race is underway. Amazon is spending billions as it looks to gain a competitive advantage. As part of its plan to invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic, ... Full article
Lightning AI today announced the availability of Thunder, which it hails as a new and powerful source-to-source compiler for PyTorch. This tool is designed for training and serving the latest generative AI models across multiple GPUs at maximum efficiency. The company behind PyTorch Lightning, Lightning AI created Thunder over the course of two years of ... Full article
A study by Stony Brook University on the attitudes toward artificial intelligence (AI) amongst American adults reveals that the average U.S. adult has gained confidence in the capabilities of AI but has grown increasingly opposed to extending human rights to advanced AI systems. Led by Dr. Jason Jones, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of ... Full article
In the realm of business intelligence (BI) and analytic platforms, artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a behind-the-scenes force for a while. However, the advent of GenAI has revolutionized the way organizations leverage data to derive insights and make informed decisions. This advancement brings its challenges, including stringent data management and compliance requirements. To help enterprises ... Full article
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