Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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One of the common debates in the AI circles is whether using graph or vector databases offers more truthful information in generative AI (GenAI) applications. While graph data is great at representing and analyzing complex relationships and connections, vector data is optimized for efficient search capabilities and calculations in high-dimensional spaces.   Amazon Web Services (AWS) ... Full article
From new copilots and AI development tools, to vector search and AI chips, artificial intelligence featured prominently in Microsoft’s annual Ignite developers conference held last week. It also unveiled some data news around OneLake and Microsoft Fabric. It would be an understatement to say that Microsoft is bullish on copilots. “Microsoft is the Copilot company,” the company ... Full article
Large language and image AI models, also referred to as generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), have been the big story of 2023. It has opened a new set of opportunities for professionals and businesses. While most businesses acknowledge the potential for GenAI, however, there are also some concerns about its use. In enterprises, we’ve seen a ... Full article
Large Language Models (LLMs) are generative AI models that power chatbots, such as Google Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. There has been a meteoric rise in the use of LLMs over the last 12 months and this is indicated in several studies and surveys. However, LLMs suffer from a critical vulnerability - AI hallucination.  A study ... Full article
AI’s black box problem has been building ever since deep learning models started gaining traction about 10 years ago. But now that we’re in the post-ChatGPT era, the black box fears of 2022 seem quaint to Shayan Mohanty, co-founder and CEO at Watchful, a San Francisco startup hoping to deliver more transparency into how large language ... Full article
Artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI (GenAI) has seen a meteoric rise in 2023. It initially gained popularity as a consumer tool, but is now being used by enterprises who are looking for different ways to harness its transformative power. We wonder whether businesses have been successful in integrating GenAI into their workflows to deliver improved ... Full article
Nearly a year after the launch of ChatGPT, companies now are falling over themselves in a rush to adopt generative AI to gain a new competitive advantage or prevent competitors from doing the same. But what about traditional forms of AI? Is there still room at the AI inn for good old machine learning? So ... Full article
At its annual flagship tech event Apsara Conference, Chinese tech giant Alibaba unveiled its upgraded artificial intelligence (AI) model as part of its ongoing commitment to fuel AI advancement in the country.  The upgraded AI model, named Tongyi Qianwen 2.0, is trained on vast amounts of data and is optimized for generative AI (GenAI) applications. ... Full article
NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang and NVIDIA co-founder Chris Malachowsky inaugurated the Malachowsky Hall for Data Science & Information Technology at the University of Florida (UF). The 263,000-square-foot structure in Gainesville, FL, cost over $150 million. The state of Florida provided $110 million for the construction of the building. The rest of the funds ... Full article
This week Nvidia released a paper demonstrating how generative AI can be used in semiconductor design. Nvidia chief scientist Bill Dally announced the new paper during his keynote at the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD) now taking place in San Francisco. “This effort marks an important first step in applying LLMs to the complex ... Full article
Generative AI (GenAI) has ushered in a new era of interactive and multimodal experience for developers, businesses, and governments. For GenAI to achieve its potential, it needs to be easily accessible and integrated into a range of applications so users with little machine learning expertise can develop and deploy intelligence apps.  To achieve this goal, ... Full article, a leading AI-based search platform and scaling engine, announced it had raised $31 million in Series A funding from Blossom Capital to advance the development of its search platform Vespa and Vespa Cloud service.  Blossom Capital is a  venture capital investment firm based out of London, United Kingdom. The fund is renowned for investing ... Full article
Artificial intelligence has great potential, for promise and peril. Using AI responsibly can help solve some of the most challenging issues around the globe, but it can also be used for societal harm and mass destruction. With its enormous potential for good and bad, it was only a matter of time that a technology as ... Full article
The AI Safety Summit 2023 is set to take place on 1st and 2nd November at the iconic Bletchley Park in the U.K. Some of the world's leading tech companies, AI experts, government officials, and civil society groups are taking part in the summit. The primary agenda at the summit is to highlight the risks ... Full article
Quantum computing is no longer confined to the esoteric realms of academic theory and science fiction. Instead, it has emerged as a transformative reality with the potential to reshape entire industries. For technology leaders, ignoring the advance of this groundbreaking technology could mean missing out on opportunities that have the capacity to redefine their fields. ... Full article
The meteoric rise of generative AI in the last few months as a consumer tool has driven optimism about its transformative potential for businesses. This is evident in the level of investment in GenAI initiatives and the prevalence of C-suite executives who support GenAI initiatives. While businesses are serious about GenAI, they are still trying ... Full article
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