Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, August 12, 2022
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ScaleFlux has announced the general availability of its 3000-series SSDs based on its new SFX 3000 SoC storage processor. The third-generation storage products, which leverage Arm technology, include the CSD 3000 series NVMe computational storage drives and the NSD 3000 series NVMe SSDs. The company says the new products are fully compatible with NVMe and ... Full article
Part of Nvidia's AI platform, the NeMo framework helps users build and train GPU-accelerated deep learning models; NeMo Megatron, part of that framework, focuses on collecting data for and training large language models (LLMs), evaluating those models, and using the models for inference. Now, Nvidia has announced that, amid the ongoing surge in LLMs, it ... Full article
Fault-tolerant quantum computers won’t exist for years – a decade is the most common estimate. When they do arrive, thanks to Shor’s now-famous algorithm, they will be able to crack the most widely-used encryption methods, which are based on factoring. Earlier this month, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) settled on four algorithms – one ... Full article
Unstructured data often encompasses a large portion of a company’s data. IDC predicts that volumes of unstructured data could reach 80% by 2025, and for some larger organizations, this is already a reality. This data has been traditionally collected in the form of text from emails, PDFs, or other documents, including video, audio, and photos. But a ... Full article
For the past couple of years, everyone from AI experts to the general public has been entranced by the often astonishing output of large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3 and DALL•E 2. These models, using narrative inputs, are able to produce everything from convincing artificial images to stories and poetry. However, the models have also ... Full article
IBM Research’s Deep Search product uses natural language processing (NLP) to “ingest and analyze massive amounts of data—structured and unstructured.” Over the years, Deep Search has seen a wide range of scientific uses, from Covid-19 research to molecular synthesis. Now, IBM Research is streamlining the scientific applications of Deep Search by open-sourcing part of the ... Full article
Samsung Electronics announced Thursday it has begun sampling a 16GB Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) DRAM featuring 24-gigabit-per-second processing speeds. The new high-speed memory chips for graphics cards are built on Samsung’s third-generation 10-nanometer class process using EUV technology and are designed to ramp up graphics performance for the next generation of graphics cards, ... Full article
Hardware makers have spent years and billions of dollars building up wares for AI, but are now asking themselves: how do we make AI straightforward for small and large companies? Chipmakers Intel and Nvidia realize their AI hardware will sell only if it provides self-starter kits for companies to get familiar with AI. For that, ... Full article
If you’ve ever witnessed the bizarre word stew that Facebook sometimes concocts when translating content between languages, you have seen how translation technology doesn't always hit its mark. That could be changing soon, especially for less common languages. Meta has released an open source AI model capable of translating 202 different languages. The model is ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: David Bennett  Tenstorrent appointed David Bennett as its chief customer officer. Prior to joining Tenstorrent, Bennett served as the president of Lenovo Japan. He also served as the chief ... Full article
Wind and solar are now the least expensive means to produce electricity. As a result, tens of gigawatts of new renewable energy have come online in the last decade, and tens of gigawatts will come online in the next decade. Wind and solar energy have two significant challenges that must be overcome in order to ... Full article
As big data proliferates in every aspect of business today, IT teams face a daunting task in processing the sheer volume and complexity of IT operations output. In response, the enterprise appetite for AIOps is growing. AIOps uses big data and machine learning to predict, identify, diagnose and resolve IT events at a scale and ... Full article
MLCommons’ latest MLPerf Training results (v2.0) issued today are broadly similar to v1.1 released last December. Nvidia still dominates, but less so (no grand sweep of wins). Relative newcomers to the exercise – AI chip/system makers Graphcore and Habana Labs/Intel – along with Google again posted strong showings. Google had four top scores basically splitting ... Full article
HPE will ship a first server aimed at AI inferencing in August with a chip from Qualcomm. The server, which will be part of the Edgeline 8000 platform, will run on Qualcomm's Cloud AI100 chip, which is targeted at artificial intelligence on the edge. Fabricated on the 7nm process node, the Cloud AI100 chip has ... Full article
HPE is positioning itself to be a utility company for IT, with more revenue derived from services, and the hardware and infrastructure playing a background role as a facilitator. "The majority of the margins will be services and software," said Antonio Neri, CEO at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, responding to questions from EnterpriseAI during a press conference ... Full article
The last few years have seen a mass exodus to the public cloud, but many companies are bringing back computing resources internally for reasons that include data security and government regulations. HPE at the Discover trade show announced a version of its GreenLake service that can be installed in private infrastructure or in data centers run ... Full article
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