Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, December 6, 2021
Nvidia’s 14-month-long, $40 billion proposal to acquire chip IP vendor Arm has hit another potential regulatory roadblock after being hit with two earlier challenges in Europe since October. This time it was the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which filed an administrative complaint on Dec. 2 to attempt to block the blockbuster transaction. The administrative ... Full article
As a serious shortage of enterprise AI and ML developers continues across a wide range of businesses, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking to jumpstart AI and ML education to help fill the immediate gaps and inspire students and others to join the lucrative and in-demand field. To accomplish these goals, AWS has announced two ... Full article
MLCommons today released its fifth round of MLPerf training benchmark results and Nvidia GPUs again dominated the rankings, but competitors were not taking those results sitting down. One of the other AI accelerator companies that participated, Graphcore, stood its ground by holding a separate media and analyst briefing to tout its own MLPerf performance, contending ... Full article
Three years after unveiling the first generation of its AWS Graviton chip-powered instances in 2018, Amazon Web Services just announced that the third generation of the processors – the AWS Graviton3 – will power all-new Amazon Elastic Compute 2 (EC2) C7g instances that are now available in preview. Debuting at the AWS re:Invent 2021 conference ... Full article
As Amazon Web Services (AWS) opened its re:Invent 2021 technology conference in Las Vegas this week, the news was not only about cloud computing. Also getting top billing are the company’s strategic moves in advancing its offerings in the growing world of enterprise robotics. To help companies and robotics developers build and deploy applications that ... Full article
As the 2021 AWS re:Invent conference opens this week live and virtually in Las Vegas, Adam Selipsky, who took over the CEO position with the departure of Andy Jassy earlier this year, will begin to make his own mark on the company. When Jassy left his AWS post to take Jeff Bezos’ old chair at the head ... Full article
Artificial intelligence can help companies solve complex business challenges and identify new opportunities — but businesses need to be able to trust the technology. Currently, only 25 percent of businesses have processes fully enabled by AI and only 20 percent of companies have an ethical AI framework. This can create serious business consequences. In today’s ... Full article
Large global energy companies have a seriously challenging technology problem – due to varying compliance and data residency regulations around the world, they have business data that must be maintained in diverse ways in multiple locations. That results in critical business data being stored in separate silos, making it much harder to find needed data ... Full article
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has been added to the growing list of government agencies around the world that are reviewing the proposed $40 billion acquisition of U.K.-based Arm Ltd. by Nvidia. The FTC perusal was noted briefly by Nvidia chief financial officer Colette Kress on Nov. 17 as she presented the company’s recent Q3 ... Full article
As the panelists gathered onstage for SC21’s first plenary talk, the words of the so-called Peter Parker principle – “with great power comes great responsibility” – cycled across the background slideshow. For the following hour, five panelists confronted this dilemma: with the transformative power of HPC (and, in particular, HPC-enabled AI) increasingly mainstreamed and deployed by ... Full article
When OpenAI first debuted its powerful GPT-3 natural language model in June of 2020, it debuted in a limited beta capacity and featured a waiting list where developers could sign up to use its infrastructure and capabilities. Now, the waiting list has been dropped and GPT-3’s capabilities are immediately available to developers and enterprises to ... Full article
Since coming online in the fall of 2019 in Paris, the Jean Zay supercomputer has been one of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers available to HPC and AI researchers. And now, through the addition of new Nvidia A100 80GB GPUs and other hardware, the Jean Zay will soon offer double its present compute capacity for AI ... Full article
For years, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange – one of the world’s most diverse financial derivatives marketplaces – has run its IT systems and infrastructure in its own data centers and on-premises to keep them secure and running at peak performance. But in the last few years, the company – known formally as the CME Group ... Full article
With antitrust and national security concerns continuing amid the proposed $40 billion acquisition of U.K.-based Arm Ltd. by Nvidia, the British government today (Nov. 16) ordered an in-depth, 24-week “Phase Two” investigation into the proposed deal. The U.K.’s deepened investigation, which will be conducted by the government’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), follows a similar ... Full article
The British government will reportedly soon order an in-depth antitrust investigation into the proposed $40 billion Nvidia acquisition of Arm, following a similar investigation that was undertaken just three weeks ago by the European Commission. The coming action was reported Nov. 14 (Sunday) by The (London) Times, which stated that British officials are “poised to ... Full article
Nvidia is continuing to expand enterprise digital twin capabilities and features in its Nvidia Omniverse 3D virtual world design platform, but the company’s nascent plans for its grandest digital twin yet might have even bigger impacts after its announcement at this week’s Nvidia GTC21 virtual conference. The GPU-maker wants to accelerate its digital twin dreams ... Full article
Wafer-scale compute vendor Cerebras Systems has raised another $250 million in funding – this time in a Series F round that brings its total funding to about $720 million. The latest cash infusion was led by Alpha Wave Ventures and Abu Dhabi Growth and includes participation by Altimeter Capital, Benchmark Capital, Coatue Management, Eclipse Ventures, ... Full article
Bringing large language model (LLM) capabilities directly to enterprises to help them expand their business strategies and capabilities is the focus of Nvidia’s new NeMo Megatron large language framework and its latest customizable 530B parameter Megatron-Turing model. Unveiled Nov. 9 at the company’s fall GTC21 conference, the new Megatron framework and the model itself were ... Full article
Landing AI, the computer vision startup founded by the computer scientist Andrew Ng to use AI to modernize business process in real-world companies, today announced that it has raised $57 million in a Series A round of funding led by McRock Capital. Ng founded Landing AI four years ago with the idea to extend AI beyond the realm of ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Kristina Agassi and Paul Scholey  Sisense, the AI-driven cloud platform provider for infusing analytics everywhere, appointed Kristina Agassi as its general counsel. Agassi will be responsible for overseeing Sisense’s ... Full article