Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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IBM and Meta have co-launched a massive industry-academic-government alliance to shepherd AI development. The new group has united under the AI Alliance banner to promote responsible innovation in AI. Historically, technical alliances often come and go depending on the economic climate. This one seems a bit different. The AI Alliance started with over 50 members ... Full article
Condor Galaxy is an AI system recently debuted by Cerebras Systems and Middle Eastern cloud provider G42. The system has already been busy with training Jais, a 13-billion parameter Arabic large language model trained on a 395-billion-word Arabic and English dataset. Named after Jebel Jais, the UAE’s highest mountain, the Jais LLM is a collaboration ... Full article
In the world of technology, overnight sensations are rarely born overnight. They are the result of decades of research, development, and perseverance. The recent success of chatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model, is a prime example of this phenomenon. It has turned heads with its capabilities, but the road to this breakthrough was long and winding. ... Full article
The world has grown accustomed to the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in its daily lives. In fact, unless you’ve been asleep for much of 2023, you can see just how AI’s influence on the world is growing with the hype around generative AI. We all know AI has been used for years to recommend ... Full article
Large language models (LLMs) have dominated the data and AI conversation through the first eight months of 2023, courtesy of the whirlwind that is ChatGPT. Despite the consumer success, few companies have concrete plans to put commercial LLMs into production, with concerns about privacy and ethics leading the way. A new report released by Predibase this week ... Full article
Hugging Face announced it has raised $235 million in a Series D funding round led by Salesforce Ventures with participation from a host of tech giants including IBM, Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm, as well as Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures. The company is now valued at $4.5 billion. Hugging Face is a developer ... Full article
VMware kicked off its Explore event in Las Vegas with a series of announcements geared toward enabling enterprise generative AI development. VMware and Nvidia extended their partnership to unveil VMware Private AI Foundation with Nvidia, an offering that promises to provide enterprises with the software and compute to fine-tune large language models and run AI-enabled ... Full article
According to a 2023 business survey, 62 percent of enterprises have fully implemented artificial intelligence (AI) for cybersecurity or are exploring additional uses for the technology. With advancements in AI technologies, however, come more ways for sensitive information to be misused. Globally, organizations are leveraging AI and implementing automated security measures into their infrastructure to ... Full article
AMD has released findings from a new survey of global IT leaders suggesting some are finding it challenging to keep up during the recent AI boom: Close to half (46%) of respondents say their organizations are not ready to implement AI, and just 19% say they will prioritize AI within the next year. The report ... Full article
The launch of ChatGPT and similar generative AI technologies is reshaping the skills required in the workplace, according to a new report from LinkedIn. “The Future of Work Report: AI at Work” found the pace at which LinkedIn members added AI skills to their profile has nearly doubled since ChatGPT’s debut in November 2022, rising from 7.7% ... Full article
The default method for accelerating Deep Learning projects is increasing the size of a GPU cluster. However, the cost is increasingly prohibitive. According to Andreessen Horowitz, many companies investing in AI ‘spend more than 80% of their total capital raised on compute resources,’ and rightly so. GPUs are the cornerstone of AI infrastructure and as much ... Full article
Nvidia once staked its entire future on the promise of artificial intelligence, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told an audience at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles this week. “Twenty years after we introduced to the world the first programmable shading GPU, we introduced RTX at SIGGRAPH 2018 and reinvented computer graphics. You didn’t know it at the ... Full article
The capability for machines to learn and get better over time is one of the big selling points for modern artificial intelligence. But new research released last week indicates that ChatGPT may in fact be getting worse at certain tasks as time goes on. According to the first draft of a paper by Stanford University and UC ... Full article
A grand competition of numerical representation is shaping up as some companies promote floating point data types in deep learning, while others champion integer data types. Artificial Intelligence Is Growing In Popularity And Cost Artificial intelligence (AI) is proliferating into every corner of our lives. The demand for products and services powered by AI algorithms ... Full article
Vast Data unveiled a new platform at its Build Beyond event earlier this week. The VAST Data Platform is the company’s new offering that unifies storage, database, and virtualized compute engine services, designed for the deep learning era. The proliferation of large language models has thrust generative AI and deep learning into the spotlight. Vast ... Full article
Apple and Nvidia want to dominate the 3D universe, and the world of scientific simulation, with a building block championed by both companies. The closed-source proponents are going the open standards route to drive the development and adoption of a file format called USD (Universal Scene Descriptor), which is described as the HTML of the ... Full article
The rapid adoption of generative AI appears to be having a transformative effect on businesses, according to a new joint survey released by Dataiku and Databricks. The "AI, Today" survey report found over 70% of senior AI professionals report seeing a positive ROI for data science, analytics, and AI initiatives. Over half (54%) reported seeing ... Full article
There is no one way to buy AI services, but a few purchase models are emerging. One is like shopping for groceries: you can have it delivered to your doorstep or see options in a store and checkout with a customized experience. The top cloud makers have distinctly different AI storefronts with responsive chatbots, image ... Full article
AI is shaping up to be a true paradigm shift across all industries. OpenAI's groundbreaking GPT technology is the most widely known example of how AI is reshaping our daily experiences in ways we couldn’t predict just a few years ago. Although AI has been around for decades, its practical application to real-world problems has ... Full article
In the gaming world, a hammerspace is an instantly accessible storage location that allows characters to seemingly grab objects out of thin air. If you have ever pulled a refrigerator out of your pocket while playing Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing,” you’ve seen a hammerspace in action. When it comes to the vast troves of data enterprises ... Full article