Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Torch.AI, the profitable startup applying machine learning to analyze data “in-flight” via its proprietary synaptic mesh technology, announced its first funding round along with expansion plans. The Series A round garnered $30 million, and was led by San Francisco-based WestCap Group. As its customer base expands, Torch.AI said Wednesday (March 17) it would use the funds to scale its ... Full article
Among the latest iterations of AI software is a category dubbed FlowOps, or Flow Operations, designed to reduce waste in manufacturing while helping to unclog vulnerable supply chains. FlowOps allows manufacturers and other operators to manage workflows from production and inventory management to gauging product demand and maintaining quality control. The latest FlowOps platform, unveiled March 15 (Monday) by ... Full article
Nvidia and VMware are bringing together the new Nvidia AI Enterprise software tool suite with VMware’s latest vSphere 7 Update 2 virtualization platform to make it easier for enterprises to virtualize their expanding AI workloads. Nvidia’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) new suite of AI tools and frameworks, which was announced March 9 (Tuesday), is built to run exclusively on VMware’s just ... Full article
Diminishing returns on costly data center investments—facilities already bulging at the seams—are engendering novel architectures for storing data. Early prototypes such as Microsoft’s submersible data center address cooling requirements and reliability issues. Still, the ongoing problem is scale, and finding disruptive ways of securely storing and accessing exabytes of data without breaking the bank. A New York-based startup has ... Full article
Granulate Cloud Solutions, the AI-based optimization software startup, announced its second financing round in 10 months as adoption of its data center workload accelerator gains traction among enterprise customers looking to squeeze more performance out of underutilized IT infrastructure. Tel Aviv-based Granulate announced a $30 million funding round on Wednesday (Feb. 3), raising its venture total through two rounds ... Full article
Fueled by enterprise deployments of hyperconverged infrastructure, the software-defined storage market is booming. That trend has prompted DataCore Software to acquire object storage specialist Caringo Inc., enabling the buyer to offer block, file and object storage as a single package. DataCore said its deal for Caringo closed on Jan. 15. Other terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Caringo has ... Full article
Nutanix introduced a series of upgrades this week that include cloud tiering of object storage, promoted as a way of leveraging public cloud infrastructure while improving data management across different clouds. The upgrades are a response to the growing number of enterprise customers adopting multi-cloud strategies as they extend workloads like cloud databases to the network edge. Nutanix said ... Full article
Lenovo’s Data Center Group seeks to unify data from edge to cloud via new data management software, an all-flash storage array that supports object storage as well as AI-driven storage management and a data fabric geared toward data analytics. The data management suite is among the latest offered by infrastructure vendors who are targeting the growing volumes of data ... Full article
All-flash storage startup VAST Data is hoping that its vision of universal storage without multiple tiers will become the new normal for enterprises that are struggling to manage growing repositories of valuable and critical business data. Founded in 2016, the company insists it is on the verge of upending storage practices in line with its original mission to kill ... Full article
Gen X, Y, and Z get all the attention but what we need to talk about in IT is Gen S: Generation Scale-Out. Times have changed. The enterprise technology stack of 10 years ago, when VMs and block-based Storage Area Networks (SANs) ran SQL databases and bolted-on data services like backups, is hardly recognizable today. Nothing was abstracted from ... Full article
Data storage vendor Quantum’s new All-Terrain File System (ATFS) platform will launch in December, giving enterprises the ability to integrate real-time data classification and insights with critical business applications on network-attached storage systems. The all-new, file-based ATFS platform, which is designed to make it more efficient for enterprises to view their data while automating purposeful data placement based on ... Full article
The high-density 3D NAND flash memory unveiled by Micron Technology this week promises to boost storage application performance from the data center to the edge, potentially hastening the growing enterprise shift to all-flash storage. The memory chip maker (NASDAQ: MU) said it has begun volume shipments of its 176-layer 3D NAND flash memory that is claimed to increase read ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community -- promotions, new hires and accolades: Bertil Brendeke Submer, an immersion cooling vendor, announced Bertil Brendeke as the company's vice president of sales for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Brendeke comes from Acronis Cloud, where he served as ... Full article
When working with business executives, the biggest pitfalls in data science boil down to errors in communication. For true success, data scientists must be bilingual to effectively accomplish their work. This means being equally versed in technological jargon as well as being able to communicate with business stakeholders. When we look at where data science fails, it’s usually in ... Full article
DDN, a long-time leader in HPC storage, announced two new products today and provided more detail around its strategy for integrating DDN HPC technologies with the enterprise strengths of its recent acquisitions, notably Tintri, Nexenta, and IntelliFlash (from Western Digital). Following its buying binge, DDN has been aggressively promoting the DDN ‘At Scale’ brand as its HPC product line, ... Full article
As AI use and innovation continue to increase globally, getting small and medium-size AI companies more involved in the financially lucrative and still-nascent AI revolution is a developing goal of the US government. One federal agency, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), is asking smaller AI vendors to send in comments and suggestions by Oct. 23 about ... Full article
Nvidia GTC 2020 – Nvidia kicked off its GTC 2020 GPU Technology Conference with a wide range of intriguing AI announcements, from the introduction of its latest Bluefield-2 Data Processing Unit (DPU) models to the unveiling of an all-new data-center-on-a-chip (DOCA) architecture designed to bring major enhancements for networking, storage and security. Also announced was Nvidia’s DGX SuperPOD modular ... Full article
Organizations that need to process large amounts of data in real time will be the big winners of the emerging “big memory” era, says Charles Fan, the CEO and co-founder of MemVerge, which today unveiled new software designed to lower the barrier of entry to big memory systems. Emerging use cases, particularly around streaming analytics and machine learning, are ... Full article
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is bolstering its capabilities for customers with the general availability of instances with Nvidia’s newest GPU, the A100, while also unveiling expanded collaborations with Rescale and Altair. The company also announced plans for its first foray into the Arm world with instances using chips from Ampere early next year. OCI currently offers Intel and AMD ... Full article
Those who tuned in for Tuesday's HPC + AI Wall Street event got a peak at the future of fintech and lively discussion of topics like blockchain, AI for risk management, and high-frequency trading, as told by a group of leading technical innovators as well as an SEC commissioner. Previously scheduled to take place at the New Yorker Hotel ... Full article