Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, April 22, 2024
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LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Jan. 5, 2024 -- BrainChip Holdings Ltd., a commercial producer of ultra-low power, fully digital, event-based, neuromorphic AI, will provide an exclusive opportunity for guests of CES 2024 to see the latest demonstrations of its Akida technology in action. Visitors to the BrainChip Suite will have the unique opportunity to experience hyper-efficient, ... Full article
SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 12, 2023 -- Today, Untether AI, a leader in energy-centric AI acceleration technology, announced the shipment of its tsunAImi tsn200 accelerator card powered by the runAI 200 device. By leveraging at-memory computation, Untether AI breaks through the barriers of traditional von Neumann architectures, offering industry-leading compute density with power and price ... Full article
Tesla will spend $1 billion on its Dojo supercomputer through the next year as it beefs up video recognition capabilities for its autonomous cars. "I think we will be spending something north of $1 billion over the next year on – through the next year, it’s well over $1 billion in Dojo," said Elon Musk, ... Full article
At its .conf23 event in Las Vegas this week, Splunk unveiled a collection of new AI-powered tools across its portfolio of security and observability solutions. Splunk is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Splunk CEO Gary Steele, who joined the company in March 2022, acknowledged in a keynote how much the digital world has changed ... Full article
One of the world's most popular computer makers, Raspberry Pi, is receiving a cash infusion from Sony in a move to bring AI computing closer to the data than vice versa. Raspberry Pi's namesake low-cost computers, which are circuit boards without a chassis, have achieved cult status among makers and DIYers that are building electronics ... Full article
Next month, the AI Hardware Summit returns to the Bay Area, bringing AI technologists and end users together to share ideas and get up to speed on all the latest AI hardware developments. The event – which takes place September 13-15, 2022, at the Santa Clara Marriott, Calif. – will be co-located with the Edge ... Full article
The scope of artificial intelligence has dramatically widened in recent years as critical advancements in the field have resulted in its expansion across a variety of sectors, from healthcare and energy to construction and aerospace. AI has made tremendous strides in these areas with endless use cases on the horizon – from energy efficiency and ... Full article
In this contributed Q&A, ISC’s Nages Sieslack interviews Rev Lebaredian, vice president of Omniverse and simulation technology at Nvidia, about the use of digital twin technology for science and industry. Lebaredian will be delivering the opening keynote at ISC 2022 in partnership with Michele Melchiorre, senior vice president of production system, technical planning, tool shop ... Full article
MLCommons today released its latest MLPerf inferencing results, with another strong showing by Nvidia accelerators inside a diverse array of systems. Roughly four years old, MLPerf still struggles to attract wider participation from accelerator suppliers. Nevertheless, overall performance and participation was up, with 19 organizations submitting twice as many results and six times as many ... Full article
Venture-backed startup Sway AI has announced the launch of its no-code enterprise AI platform. The company says its platform allows AI solutions to be built and deployed quickly without AI or coding experience. Sway AI’s patent-pending technology allows business users, technical non-AI users, and technical users with AI proficiency to build AI workflows without code. The ... Full article
Large global energy companies have a seriously challenging technology problem – due to varying compliance and data residency regulations around the world, they have business data that must be maintained in diverse ways in multiple locations. That results in critical business data being stored in separate silos, making it much harder to find needed data ... Full article
As AI-enabled robots in manufacturing facilities, power plants, warehouse and other industrial sites continue to expand in use, more potential use cases are constantly being identified by enterprises that are looking to solve their critical business problems. In response, IBM and Boston Dynamics are partnering to bring IBM software and Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots together ... Full article
Deepening its ongoing integration of AI and 5G, Nvidia will be giving customers the option to use Arm-based CPUs with its growing Aerial A100 AI-on-5G platform, while also partnering with Google to establish an AI-on-5G Innovation Lab to accelerate the creation of 5G and AI applications. Both announcements were unveiled June 28 (Monday) at the ... Full article
Four months after taking over the reins of Intel Corp., CEO Pat Gelsinger has announced a string of executive leadership changes as he works to shake things up inside a company that leads its marketplace but could use a boost in energy. The executive changes, unveiled on June 22 (Tuesday), include the promotions of two ... Full article
To boost the performance of busy CPUs hosted by cloud service providers, Intel Corp. has launched a new line of Infrastructure Processing Units (IPUs) that take over some of a CPU’s overhead to let it do more processing for revenue-generating tasks. The IPUs are described by Intel as programmable networking devices that are designed and ... Full article
It has been a busy seven months for AI chip startup Mythic AI. Seven months ago, the company unveiled its first M1108 Analog Matrix Processor (AMP) for AI inferencing. Then one month ago Mythic AI announced a new $70 million Series C investment round to bring its chips to mass production and to develop its ... Full article
Nvidia is busy this week at the virtual Computex 2021 Taipei technology show, announcing an expansion of its nascent Nvidia-certified server program, a range of new Nvidia BlueField DPU-equipped server models and the coming availability of its Base Command Platform which will include a subscription option for its DGX SuperPods so customers can give them ... Full article
In December of 2020, consumer electronics giant LG quietly launched an LG AI Research division in South Korea to develop new kinds of AI technologies that can bring increased value and intriguing services to consumer and business customers around the world. LG AI Research was created with $180 million (200 billion Korean won) in funding ... Full article
With cars and trucks constantly gaining new driver-assistance features to increase on-the-road safety, two of the world’s largest automakers are bringing in new partners to help boost their technologies. In the latest moves, Toyota has signed on ZF and Mobileye to develop advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for several of its vehicle platforms in the next ... Full article
As Elon Musk’s SpaceX continues to build out and test its beta Starlink high-speed, satellite-based internet services, Google Cloud has signed up as a partner to host ground stations within its data centers to link up with the fledgling satellite network. The deal will highlight some of the expertise of both companies – from SpaceX’s ... Full article