Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, May 26, 2024

Google Cloud Announces AI Partnerships with PathAI and TetraScience 

Google’s latest developments in AI have left the community wanting more. The rollout to Gemini came with image generation issues that CEO Sundar Pichai called “completely unacceptable”. However, the search giant is making strides towards improving its grasp on the exploding AI market.

The twin announcements out of the BioIT World Conference & Expo are proof that Google is attempting to expand its AI holdings. These announcements of partnerships with PathAI – a global leader in AI-powered pathology – and TetraScience – the scientific data and AI cloud company – are both meant to implement Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities and infrastructure in the difficult domains of drug discovery and precision medicine.


PathAI will be partnering with Google Cloud to assist biopharma companies and anatomic pathology labs to speed up the implementation of AI and digital pathology. The major draw for Google Cloud seems to be PathAI’s AISight Intelligent Image Management System (IMS). This is an Ai-native IMS that seamlessly blends PathAI and third-party algorithms into a single workflow and image analysis platform.

This tool gives researchers access to biomarker quantification tools that are meant to increase lab operational efficiency and aid in disease staging and scoring. Google Cloud will assist PathAI by providing infrastructure to bring AISight to more labs and biopharma organizations.

This integration of AISight with Google Cloud’s infrastructure and AI capabilities will enable accelerated adoption of precision medicine solutions. The infrastructure provided by Google Cloud makes it possible for AISight's digital pathology IMS and algorithmic capabilities to scale quickly and globally. This helps researchers and digital pathology laboratory operations process petabytes of data for large-scale biomarker discovery and clinical studies, which will ultimately speed up the time it takes to advance patient care.

Additionally, this partnership will allow for customized solutions and tailored AI models. The AISight platform combined with cutting-edge Google Cloud AI tools will enable rapid solution development and deployment of innovative AI models catered to particular research requirements.


The TetraScience-Google Cloud partnership will focus on speeding up drug development and other scientific discoveries. Together, Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud and Google Cloud's AI technology and infrastructure will enable the life science sector to leverage Scientific AI and produce insights considerably faster. This will therefore result in more rapid and enhanced processes for advanced therapy research, development, and quality assurance.

One of the issues that this partnership wishes to address is the industry-wide data silo paradigm that segregates researchers from the data they need. The Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud centralizes, designs, and industrializes the production of large-scale and liquid Ai-native scientific data sets.

Combined with Google Cloud’s infrastructure and AI technologies, the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud will help researchers in a variety of interesting ways. To begin, by streamlining data exploration and analysis, this new collaboration frees up scientists to concentrate on advancing medicines development rather than wasting time on laborious, prone-to-error manual data transcribing. Additionally, scientists can use it to digitize crucial quality control procedures, find better drug candidates more quickly, discover novel cell-based therapies more effectively, and release creativity from previously inactive data.

Additionally, TetraScience and Google Cloud hope to break down vendor silos and proprietary data formats to allow AI and data teams to combine out-of-the-box, large-scale datasets with AI to advance scientific work. Additionally, the partnership hopes to lower overall costs for scientific innovation.