Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, December 6, 2021


As Elon Musk’s SpaceX continues to build out and test its beta Starlink high-speed, satellite-based internet services, Google Cloud has signed up as a partner to host ground stations within its data centers to link up with the fledgling satellite network. The deal will highlight some of the expertise of both companies – from SpaceX’s ... Full article
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is announcing a new public-private partnership aimed squarely at the development of next-generation technologies: the Resilient & Intelligent NextG Systems (RINGS) program. RINGS will focus on accelerating research in the areas of wireless and mobile communication, networking, sensing, computing systems and global-scale services. “ systems are future versions of today’s ... Full article
Update: the LIVE Nvidia keynote is over now, but you can watch the on-demand, recording below. And read our live coverage at  Join EnterpriseAI this morning at 8:30 AM PT, Monday April 12 to see the Nvidia GTC21 keynote from Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, livestreamed in its entirety. Hosted by, you can click ... Full article
With AI use continuing to grow in adoption throughout enterprise IT, Deloitte is creating a new Deloitte Center for AI Computing to advise its customers, explain the technology and help them use it in their ongoing business and growth plans. Designed to provide a cloud-accessible accelerated platform that Deloitte clients can use to test and ... Full article
Diminishing returns on costly data center investments—facilities already bulging at the seams—are engendering novel architectures for storing data. Early prototypes such as Microsoft’s submersible data center address cooling requirements and reliability issues. Still, the ongoing problem is scale, and finding disruptive ways of securely storing and accessing exabytes of data without breaking the bank. A ... Full article
Sunlight, the U.K.-based specialist in virtualizing data-intensive applications, announced Nvidia GPU support for its “lightweight” hypervisor designed to boost the performance of edge AI deployments. GPU support for its NexVisor platform would provide “near bare-metal” performance in support of data pipelines currently constrained by legacy virtualization tools and cloud infrastructure, the company said. Those constraints ... Full article
As the first “greenfield” or new-from-the-ground-up 5G wireless networks are being built, chip makers are joining cloud vendors in accelerating the rollout of front-end radio units that comply with emerging open radio access network specs. Partners Fujitsu Ltd. and Xilinx Inc. this week joined a growing list of Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) developers, announcing ... Full article
Granulate Cloud Solutions, the AI-based optimization software startup, announced its second financing round in 10 months as adoption of its data center workload accelerator gains traction among enterprise customers looking to squeeze more performance out of underutilized IT infrastructure. Tel Aviv-based Granulate announced a $30 million funding round on Wednesday (Feb. 3), raising its venture ... Full article
Google Cloud and Nokia will collaborate to help telecom carriers upgrade core network infrastructure with cloud-native 5G wireless services. The capabilities could be used to extend 5G bandwidth to the network edge. The partners said Thursday (Jan. 14) the cloud-native 5G edge services would be built around Google’s Anthos cloud services platform along with the ... Full article
A dispute over Chinese regulatory approval of its acquisition of Acacia Communications Inc. prompted Cisco Systems to seek a court order compelling the optical component maker to move ahead with the $2.8 billion transaction. Acacia said Monday (Jan. 11) it has filed a counterclaim. Cisco announced its acquisition of Acacia in July 2019. Acacia asserted ... Full article
When hyperconverged infrastructure vendor Nutanix announced the hiring of Rajiv Ramaswami as its new CEO on Dec. 9, the company had found a successor to company co-founder and CEO Dheeraj Pandey, who earlier in 2020 unveiled his own plans to retire. But just 19 days later, the new hire hit the headlines, and not in ... Full article
Nvidia spotlighted an AI inference accelerator, emerging optical interconnects and a new programming framework designed to scale GPU performance during this week’s GTC China virtual event. In a keynote, Bill Dally, Nvidia’s chief scientist, said the MAGNet inference accelerator achieved 100 tera-operations per watt in a simulation. Nvidia is also working with university researchers on ... Full article
For the last year, Amazon Web Services and BP have been working together as partners, with AWS providing BP with services to migrate more than 400 applications to the cloud and BP working to help Amazon use more renewable energy for its data centers. The ongoing project has been so successful that the two companies ... Full article
Juniper Networks acquisition of intent-based networking specialist Apstra this week gives it another set of tools for applying AI to automate network functions in evolving data centers and cloud platforms. In an announcement Monday, (Dec. 7), Juniper (NYSE: JNPR) said it will integrate Apstra’s open architecture into Juniper's data center networking portfolio. Apstra supports the ... Full article
Funding for the creation of a new national cybersecurity director post within the Executive Office of the President is a key part of the latest spending authorization bill for the U.S. Defense Department for fiscal 2021. The first-ever national cybersecurity director position, which is being proposed to strengthen an important cyber division within the Department ... Full article
Nutanix introduced a series of upgrades this week that include cloud tiering of object storage, promoted as a way of leveraging public cloud infrastructure while improving data management across different clouds. The upgrades are a response to the growing number of enterprise customers adopting multi-cloud strategies as they extend workloads like cloud databases to the ... Full article
Lenovo’s Data Center Group seeks to unify data from edge to cloud via new data management software, an all-flash storage array that supports object storage as well as AI-driven storage management and a data fabric geared toward data analytics. The data management suite is among the latest offered by infrastructure vendors who are targeting the ... Full article
A vendor survey of early Kubernetes adopters embracing cloud-native applications finds that high-maintenance microservices and API sprawl have created a new set of security and networking issues for some users. The result is that few of the surveyed respondents are running most of their enterprise applications on the popular container orchestrator. The report, released this ... Full article
The convergence of cloud computing and high-bandwidth telecommunication networks has spawned an industry group to begin forging best practices for using cloud-native frameworks in telecom while defining cloud-native network functions. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced the network functions conformance initiative during this week’s KubeCon event. The new CNCF working group will focus on ... Full article
U.S. military and intelligence agencies are looking for ways to boost data security when communicating “in the wild.” Among the proposed approaches are emerging smart radio platforms that can secure classified information. Heading one effort is the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), which is soliciting industry proposals under a program dubbed Securing Compartmented Information ... Full article