Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, June 29, 2022

IBM Embraces Nvidia GPUs for Acceleration

IBM wants its Power Systems platforms to continue to thrive in the datacenter, and it knows it has to do everything it can to give the Power family of ...Full Article

Fujitsu Demos Silicon Photonics Server Links

There is a growing consensus among system makers, driven in large part by work done by Intel and members of the Open Compute Project founded by Facebook, that the ...Full Article

Invisible OpenCL and APU Chips Drive Acceleration

AMD has some stiff competition in the server space. The company thinks that the combination of CPUs and GPUs together, what it calls Accelerated Processing Units (APU), has a ...Full Article

Nokia Dev Cloud Will Swell to 100K Cores

Be careful about giving easy access to computing. You may end up with far more demand than you planned. This is precisely the position that the IT department supporting ...Full Article

Cluster Sizes Reveal Hadoop Maturity Curve

If you want to get a rough sense of how mature a Hadoop installation is, all you need to do is count the server nodes. The largest Hadoop clusters ...Full Article

LinkedIn Copes with Server Explosion with Revved Up CFEngine

The dream of every Internet startup is for an idea to take off and go mainstream. This is precisely the nightmare of every system administrator that works at these ...Full Article

HP to Port NonStop Clusters from Itanium to Xeon

Hewlett-Packard is in the process of porting its NonStop fault tolerant database clusters to Intel's Xeon processors after an eight-year run on the Itanium chip. The company is also ...Full Article

Calxeda Launches Midway ARM Server Chips, Extends Roadmap

ARM server chip supplier Calxeda is just about to ship its second generation of EnergyCore processors for hyperscale systems and most of its competitors are still working on their ...Full Article

BP Fires Up 2.2 Petaflops Cluster for Oil Exploration

There is an arms race in the oil and gas industry, and the weapon of choice is a server cluster. Energy industry giant BP has opened the doors on ...Full Article

Servergy Pits Power-Linux Servers Against ARM, X86

Not everyone thinks that ARM processors will be the only viable alternative to X86 processors in the datacenter when it comes to energy-efficient computing. Servergy, which just uncloaked from ...Full Article
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