Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, July 20, 2024

AMD To Unify X86, ARM Systems With SkyBridge

Chip maker AMD wants the world to know that it is not just dabbling in ARM processors, but rather intends to make ARM chips peers to its X86 products. ...Full Article

Is Amazon Making Its Own ARM Server Chips?

When computing is all that you do, at a certain scale it makes sense to control all elements of the IT stack, from the operating system kernel all the ...Full Article

HP Forms Hyperscale Server Venture With Foxconn

The hyperscale server market is growing fast and everybody from incumbent server makers to original design manufacturers who used to work for them all want a piece of the ...Full Article

Inside Google, Tyan Power8 Server Boards

EnterpriseTech told you a few months ago that Google was working on its own server motherboards based on IBM’s Power8 processor and at the Impact2014 conference in Las Vegas ...Full Article

Big Blue Chases Clouds, Big Data With Power8 Systems

IT "infrastructure matters in the new era of computing," IBM managers argued in the formal launching of its Power Systems servers based on its Power8 processor, taking aim at ...Full Article

HP Tweaks NonStop, HP-UX Systems

Windows and Linux servers may dominate sales at Hewlett-Packard, as they do for the systems market at large, but the company still has a sizeable business peddling NonStop and ...Full Article

IBM, Google Show Off Power8 Systems And OpenPower Efforts

IBM was planning to do the announcement of the first bunch of Power8-based servers at next week's Impact2014 event in Las Vegas, but the Power Systems division at Big ...Full Article

AMD Sets “Seattle” ARM Server Chip Launch For Q4

Datacenters that are eager to test out 64-bit ARM server chips with their workloads are going to have to wait a bit longer than they might otherwise like to. ...Full Article

IBM Throws Power8 Gauntlet At The Feet Of X86

The systems business at IBM continued to stall in the first quarter thanks to product transitions in the Power Systems line, the System x business being sold off to ...Full Article

Intel: No Signs Of Datacenter Slowdown

Whatever issues that chip giant Intel is facing in the client segment of the computing market, it has very little challenging its authority as a provider of compute engines ...Full Article
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