Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, June 23, 2024

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The ‘Insight-Driven Business’: How to Become a Master of the Data Universe

Masters of the Data Universe: Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Google. We know who they are. They hire genius data scientists who wrestle data into submission, building elite analytics superstructures ...Full Article

IBM Project DataWorks: Joining Multi-Sourced Data for AI-based Analytics

IBM’s aggressive push into the data analytics market continued today with the announcement of Project DataWorks, a Watson initiative that IBM said is the first cloud-based data and analytics ...Full Article

Bullish Hadoop Forecast Despite Spark Hype

Despite major market inroads being made by Apache Spark, a new forecast estimates the global market for the Hadoop big data framework will continue to grow at a healthy ...Full Article

Data Lakes and Overcoming the Waste of ‘Data Janitor’ Duties

Data lakes solve a lot of problems in today's big data world. When properly designed, they serve as an efficient means for storing large volumes and varieties of data. ...Full Article

HPE Gobbles SGI for Larger Slice of HPC-Big Data Pie

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced today that it will acquire rival HPC server maker SGI for $7.75 per share, or about $275 million, inclusive of cash and debt. The deal ...Full Article

Enterprises Embrace Machine Learning

Machine learning technology is poised to move from niche data analytics applications to mainstream enterprise big data campaigns over the next two years, a recent vendor survey suggests. SoftServe, ...Full Article

SIEM Gains as Consumer Security Software Fades

Security information and event management (SIEM) software fueled a robust global security software market in 2015 even as sales of consumer security software declined sharply last year, according to ...Full Article

New Data Analytics Benchmark Puts Stopwatch to Hadoop-based Systems

Ladies and gentlemen, start your clusters. A new data analytics and machine learning benchmark has been released by the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) measuring real-world performance of Hadoop-based ...Full Article

New IBM Data Analytics Software Targets Workload Management, Spark Adoption

IBM announced additions today to the infrastructure layer of its high performance data analytics software portfolio, including “cognitive features,” such as scheduling and resource management, and capabilities aimed at ...Full Article

Cray Courts the Enterprise with Pre-Configured Analytics Urika-GX

Cray (NASDAQ: CRAY) continued its courtship of the advanced scale enterprise market with today's launch of the Urika-GX, a system that integrates Cray supercomputing technologies with an agile big ...Full Article
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