Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, June 13, 2024

data analytics

IBM Bluemix Adds Apache Kafka Messaging

Cloud vendors continue to add a range of open-source development tools to their platforms. The latest example comes from IBM, which has steadily been building up the toolbox on ...Full Article

In-Memory Platform Targets Real-Time Data

Querying real-time data on a massive scale remains a huge infrastructure hurdle that is increasingly being addressed by in-memory data grids. Hazelcast Inc., an in-memory computing vendor and partner ...Full Article

Big Data ‘Center of Gravity’ Shifting to Cloud

As practitioners of big data analytics seek to bring computing power closer to the data rather than the other way around, the cloud is emerging as the preferred platform ...Full Article

IBM to Invest $3B to Bring IoT to the Enterprise

The money keeps pouring into the thing called the Internet of Things. IBM joined a growing list of technology giants this week in announcing plans to invest $3 billion ...Full Article
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