Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Using Automated Data Analytics and IoT to Enhance Shop Floor Productivity
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Data from networked devices — the Internet of Things (IoT) — is beginning to flow from the manufacturing floor to the data center. This IoT data provides an easier, ...Full Article

Containerize Your Data Center with Univa’s Grid Engine Container Edition
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  IT teams are under pressure to deliver more value, and do it faster. The pressure to meet internal requirements and the needs of customers continues to build. Often with limited ...Full Article

IBM & OpenPOWER: Accelerating Business Applications in the Data-Driven Enterprise with CAPI
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CAPI-attached acceleration has three pillars: accelerated computing, accelerated storage, and accelerated networking. Connected coherently to a POWER CPU to give them direct access to the CPU’s system memory, these ...Full Article

Better Together: Microsoft’s Storage Replica and Chelsio T5 iWARP RDMA for Disaster Recovery
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Microsoft and Chelsio have teamed up to offer a comprehensive disaster recovery solution for mission-critical applications during power outages. The solution includes Storage Replica (SR), a Windows Server 2016 ...Full Article
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