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IBM Expands Cloud Database Services with Kubernetes 

The Kubernetes operator for the CouchDB NoSQL database announced this week by IBM targets enterprise hybrid cloud deployments with a managed database service positioned as a replacement for the open source version of CouchDB.

Along with the cloud database initiative, IBM (NYSE: IBM) also said its blockchain platform has been tuned to run on Red Hat OpenShift, the IBM unit’s enterprise Kubernetes platform.

Among other features, the Kubernetes operator includes automated deployment and configuration capabilities for Apache CouchDB clusters. That capability would add a data layer for emerging microservices.

IBM said the automation tool also would be integrated with Red Hat OpenShift as a means of managing data across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. The operator would give CouchDB and IBM Cloudant users assistance with deployment operations such as data synching and replication.

IBM’s Cloudant database service is a hosted version of the open source CouchDB project. Cloudant also serves as the “data backbone of IBM Cloud,” the company said.

Meanwhile, the combination of IBM’s blockchain platform with OpenShift seeks to streamline the deployment of blockchain networks. Linking the blockchain announcement to the release of its Kubernetes operator, IBM noted that Apache CouchDB is a widely used data store for the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric. The distributed ledger framework serves as the foundation of IBM’s blockchain platform.

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