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Doug Black

Exponential: Today and Tomorrow’s Expansive AI-Big Data-HPC Landscape

April 19th, 2019 (0)
Jay Boisseau, Dell EMC’s chief HPC technology strategist, delivered an incisive keynote address at Tabor Communications’ Advanced Scale Forum this week. He covers too much ground to summarize his remarks in a few words. Let's just say he offered ...

At ASF 2019: The Virtuous Circle of Big Data, AI and HPC

April 18th, 2019 (0)
We've entered a new phase in IT -- in the world, really -- where the combination of big data, artificial intelligence, and high performance computing is pushing the bounds of what's possible in business and science, in work and ...

Intel Extends FPGA Ecosystem: Edge, Network, Data Center

April 10th, 2019 (0)
The insatiable appetite for higher throughput and lower latency – particularly where edge analytics and AI, network functions, or for a range of data center acceleration needs are concerned – has compelled IT managers and chip makers to venture ...

AI and Enterprise Data Centers Boost HPC Server Revenues Past Expectations – Hyperion

April 8th, 2019 (0)
Building on the big year of 2017 and spurred in part by the convergence of AI and HPC, global revenue for high performance servers jumped 15.6 percent last year, according to market analyst firm Hyperion Research, from $11.9 billion ...

ML and Hybrid Cloud Security: ‘4 P’s’ Predictions

April 8th, 2019 (0)
Enterprises are data-rich and insight-poor as it relates to security for multi-cloud, hybrid infrastructure. Machine learning approaches are relatively well-established for email security, data loss prevention and malware detection. But for infrastructure security, ML is largely untapped, yet it ...

Systems Vendors Refresh Product Lines as Intel Launches New Xeon, Optane Server Technologies

April 2nd, 2019 (0)
Five of the biggest systems vendors – Dell EMC, Lenovo, Supermicro, Cisco and Cray – in concert with Intel’s launch this morning of its second-generation Xeon Scalable processors (Cascade Lake) and Optane persistent memory – announced the refresh of ...

10 Ways AI Affects HPC in 2019

April 1st, 2019 (0)
AI workloads are becoming ubiquitous, including running on the world’s fastest computers — thereby changing what we call HPC forever. As every organization plans for the future, AI workloads are on our minds — how do they affect programming, software ...

Digital Transformation via Modernization: Avoid Rip-and-Replace Disruption

April 1st, 2019 (0)
Many believe that 2019 will be a watershed year for digital transformation. There are practical objectives and operational challenges that are forcing executives to rethink previous IT strategies. The primary business driver tends to be variable (e.g., greater business ...

Killing Cloud Latency with Hot Data at the Edge

March 28th, 2019 (0)
High latency is an annoyance to consumers, a serious problem to businesses that want to leverage advanced infrastructure services via the cloud and a roadblock to the rollout of advanced IoT-powered capabilities, such as autonomous vehicles. Aversion to high ...

ScaleMatrix Extends Density to the Edge

March 27th, 2019 (0)
The edge is anywhere, everywhere (and any size) you want it to be, including some forbidding places that – until the advent of AI and IoT workloads that demand localized processing, storage and low latency – would never have ...
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