Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, June 10, 2023

wind power

Nvidia Powers Scientific Digital Twins with Modulus, Omniverse

An accurate digital twin can be a boon to scientific endeavors, from recreating individual buildings in a city to understand energy use to recreating the Earth’s climate system to ...Full Article

Meeting the Green Challenge Google-Style

With energy prices going up and datacenters getting bigger, green computing is essential. Google takes its 100% renewable commitment seriously with multiple clean energy investments.Full Article

Apple Designs a Wind Turbine That Stores Energy

In a patent filing, the computer company describes a wind turbine that converts some of its rotational energy into heat in a fluid. When the wind is low, the ...Full Article

Chinese Wind Turbine Sector in Trouble

Quality control issues lead Chinese government to end subsidies for domestic wind power components.Full Article