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Chinese Wind Turbine Sector in Trouble 

Quality control issues lead Chinese government to end subsidies for domestic wind power components.

Poor quality control plagues local component suppliers

How embarrassing.  

According to a story in Renewable Energy, because of quality control problems, the Chinese government has decided to no longer subsidize wind power companies that use components bearing the familiar "Made in China" logo. Only imports will do.

Seems that price wars among China's manufacturers of complete wind turbines led them to pressure their local component suppliers to drastically cut costs. The results were predictable.

Noted the article, "China's wind power sector has entered an accident-prone period due to insufficient quality control and poor management in construction of wind farms."  Between 2009 and April 2011, 16 wind turbine generator sets caught fire or collapsed.

If the price wars don't let up, warns one industry insider, China's wind power industry could collapse just like one of those faulty generators.

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