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IBM OpenPOWER to Join Open Source Linux Foundation

IBM has announced it was contributing the instruction set (ISA) for its Power microprocessor and the designs for the Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI) and Open Memory Interface ...Full Article

Power9 and the ‘D Word’: IBM Touts OpenPOWER Ecosystem, Announces New Customers, Products for AI and Hyperscale Datacenters

At SC17 in Denver four months ago, Ken King, GM, OpenPOWER, IBM Systems Group, told a somewhat jaundiced trio of journalists that 2018 would, finally, after several years of ...Full Article

OpenPOWER Shows Strength at First European Summit

In a show of strength in Europe before heading to SC16 next month, IBM and the OpenPOWER Foundation today unveiled several new European initiatives and European-developed solutions at the ...Full Article

Fighting for the ‘Cool Kids’: OpenCAPI Takes on PCIe, Vows 10X Improvement

With two major announcements this week, IBM continues to drive the build-out of its advanced scale ecosystem, aligning industry heavies to jointly develop open technologies that tackle the perennial ...Full Article

OpenPower Looks to Accelerate Enterprise, HPC

At SC15 today, IBM provided a glimpse of its broadening vision for accelerator-assisted computing on Monday (Nov. 16) with announcements at the SC15 conference around Watson, a strategic alliance ...Full Article

IBM & OpenPOWER: Accelerating Business Applications in the Data-Driven Enterprise with CAPI
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CAPI-attached acceleration has three pillars: accelerated computing, accelerated storage, and accelerated networking. Connected coherently to a POWER CPU to give them direct access to the CPU’s system memory, these ...Full Article

IBM Insists It’s Open to Open Source

The annual Red Hat Summit, held in Boston last week, is something of revival tent for open source where the pulpits are plentiful and so are smiling believers. Indeed ...Full Article

OpenPower Systems Coming In Mid-2015

The ecosystem for Power Systems machines is building faster than many might be expecting, and it looks like a bunch of new machines will be coming to market by ...Full Article

Open Sourced BIOS Helps Power8 Compete With X86

IBM is deadly serious about fostering an open ecosystem around the Power8 processor and its follow-ons, and has taken the next step in advancing its OpenPower cause by open ...Full Article

IBM, Google Show Off Power8 Systems And OpenPower Efforts

IBM was planning to do the announcement of the first bunch of Power8-based servers at next week's Impact2014 event in Las Vegas, but the Power Systems division at Big ...Full Article
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