Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, May 27, 2024

IBM & OpenPOWER: Accelerating Business Applications in the Data-Driven Enterprise with CAPI 
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CAPI-attached acceleration has three pillars: accelerated computing, accelerated storage, and accelerated networking. Connected coherently to a POWER CPU to give them direct access to the CPU’s system memory, these techniques leverage accelerators like FPGAs and GPUs, storage devices like flash, and networking devices like Infiniband. These devices, connected via CAPI, are programmable using simple library calls that enable developers to modify their applications to more easily take advantage of accelerators, storage, and networking devices. The CAPI interface is available to members of the OpenPOWER foundation and other interested developers, and enables a rich ecosystem of data center technology providers to integrate tightly with POWER CPUs to accelerate applications.

What can CAPI do?

CAPI has had an immediate effect in all kinds of industries and for all kinds of clients:

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CAPI allows attached accelerators to deeply integrate with POWER CPUs