Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, September 22, 2023


Stratus Moves Fault Tolerance From Hardware To Software

In the modern hyperscale datacenter, companies such as Google and Amazon code their applications so they span multiple servers and replicate work and data sufficiently that the crash of ...Full Article

Red Hat Linux Adds Time Stamp, NVM, and Virtual Hot Plug

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is by far the dominant variant of commercially supported Linux in the enterprise, and based on anecdotal evidence has an even larger share of Linux ...Full Article

BMW Backs Open-Source Platform for Driverless Cars

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="95" height="64" border="0" />Since the first electronic driver assistance systems such as anti-lock brakes were installed in vehicles of the 60’s, we’ve come a ...Full Article

Servergy Pits Power-Linux Servers Against ARM, X86

Not everyone thinks that ARM processors will be the only viable alternative to X86 processors in the datacenter when it comes to energy-efficient computing. Servergy, which just uncloaked from ...Full Article

Ubuntu Server Linux Wrapped in Latest OpenStack

The quickest way to get your hands on a commercially supported variant of the new "Havana" OpenStack cloud orchestrator is to go to Canonical and get its Ubuntu Server ...Full Article

OpenStack Havana Makes Clouds Scale Globally

The OpenStack community that it developing the open source cloud controller by the same name has rolled up the "Havana" release of the tool and made it available for ...Full Article

China Slowdown, HPC Stall Hits IBM System Sales

The Chinese government is in the middle of putting together an economic reform and investment plan, and spending by state-owned industries has stalled. This has affected the performance of ...Full Article

Tilera Rescues CPU Cycles with Network Coprocessors

Should an X86 processor be running network functions, or should those jobs be offloaded to a coprocessor? Tilera thinks it is time to get that work off the CPU ...Full Article

IBM Slashes Hardware Prices to Push Linux on Power

As it had been hinting to EnterpriseTech that it would do, IBM has taken a page out of its mainframe playbook and is offering cut-throat prices on processing capacity and ...Full Article

Big Blue Wants Your Big Linux Apps On Power

Hot on the heels of its $1 billion investment to foster the porting of applications, modern systems software, and development tools to Linux running on its Power processors, IBM ...Full Article
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