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Satellite 6 Adds More Control For Red Hat Linux

Red Hat has followed up the roll out of the latest version of its mainstay Enterprise Linux operating system with the beta release of the Red Hat Satellite 6 ...Full Article

HP Puts Memristors At The Heart Of A New Machine

It is not every day that a major IT company throws down the gauntlet to its peers and declares a new computing architecture that will wipe away current system ...Full Article

New RHEL 7 Linux Stresses Apps, Scaling

Red Hat has unveiled the latest version of its open-source operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, promoting it as the foundation of an "open hybrid cloud" that delivers ...Full Article

Red Hat Finally Gets A Piece Of The HANA Action

Thousands of companies have dropped their relational databases and moved to SAP's HANA in-memory database and application platform, and SAP's own Business Suite application stack running atop HANA has ...Full Article

Google Runs All Software In Containers

The overhead of full-on server virtualization is too much for a lot of hyperscale datacenter operators as well as their peers (some might say rivals) in the supercomputing arena. ...Full Article

OpenStack Cloud Rebels To Mimic Linux Strategy

OpenStack is up against some pretty big odds, taking on the likes of Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft to determine the future of cloud computing. And it thinks ...Full Article

Why ARM Servers, And Why Now?

It is a pity that smartphones and tablets did not come along earlier and did not need 64-bit processing and memory addressing sooner than they did. Had these consumer ...Full Article

AWS Adopts Docker Containers For Elastic Beanstalk

The Docker application container technology that is emerging as a new method of packing and running applications on top of Linux servers has gotten another important blessing as it ...Full Article

Power, ARM Become X86 Peers In Ubuntu Linux

If number two in any market tries harder, then number three has to really work it to get traction. And that is precisely what Canonical, the corporate entity behind ...Full Article

Leveraging Cloud, Open Source To Aid Embattled IT

IT executives laid out the challenges and opportunities created by cloud computing, open source, and other disruptive technologies during this week's Red Hat summit in San Francisco. With the ...Full Article
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