Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Penguin Computing Mines Computing Commodity Gold, Moves into the Enterprise

We recently sat down with Fremont, Calif.-based Penguin Computing to learn about the Linux cluster specialist’s unique approach to the enterprise advanced scale computing, HPC and hyperscale markets, and ...Full Article

The Rise of the Open-Source Platform

The success of closed-source companies (like Microsoft in the early days of the digital revolution) made it easy to write off open source as a niche movement with little real-world ...Full Article

IBM’s New Open Linux Power Servers Take on x86 in HPC

With today's release of three Linux-based, open architecture Power processor servers, IBM hopes to take away market share from the x86 servers many enterprises currently use for high performance computing, ...Full Article

Linux Study Claims $5B in Economic Impact

Open source software development in general and Linux in particular have helped generate an estimated $5 billion in economic value, according to a new report by the Linux Foundation ...Full Article

College Students Showcase Technology’s Future

It was a rainy Saturday in June, and Perry Carter, president of BDPA Washington, D.C. had invited me to serve on a panel to talk to students about technology ...Full Article

VMware Unveils Open Source Cloud-Native Projects

VMware today expanded its open source support when it unveiled Project Lightwave, an identity and access management project designed to extend enterprise-scale and security to cloud-native applications, and Project ...Full Article

CoreOS Platform Looks to Scale Containers

CoreOS Inc., the hyperscale Linux operating system specialist, has been steadily rolling out application container and distributed system components over the last few months. Now, the San Francisco-based company ...Full Article

Red Hat Reports Double-Digit Growth

The overall health and vibrancy of the enterprise technology sector and the open source community in general appears to be reflected in the financial results of one of its ...Full Article

Container Tech Added to Red Hat App Kit

The third installment of a batch of open source software from Red Hat includes development tools, dynamic languages, and databases along with new container technology. Red Hat stressed in ...Full Article

Latest Ubuntu Server Packaged With Hyperscale Goodies

It is October, and that is how you know it is time for various Linuxes and the OpenStack cloud controller to get their semi-annual updates of shiny new code. ...Full Article
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