Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, June 10, 2023


Supermicro Revs Up Low Latency HFT Servers

If you have the need for speed, Supermicro has a server for you. Supermicro is known to many as a motherboard supplier, but the company has a large and ...Full Article

HP Offers Exclusive Peek Inside Impending Moonshot Servers

Hewlett-Packard has staked a lot on its hyperscale Moonshot platform and has said from the beginning that it wanted to have a mix of processors and coprocessors so these ...Full Article

Bellwether Intel Says Enterprise IT Spending on the Upswing

Sales of processors and other components into the enterprise market have not panned out as expected for Intel in the past three years, the company admitted at its industry ...Full Article

Intel to Pull Networking Into Xeon and Xeon Phi Chips

Among other things, Moore's Law allows for the successive integration of system components onto processors. Various levels of cache memory as well as main memory controllers and peripheral controllers ...Full Article

Inside Intel’s 610K Core EDA System

Intel is the world’s largest chip maker and is also the dominant supplier of processors for servers. So it might seem that Intel would have an unlimited supply of ...Full Article

Fujitsu Demos Silicon Photonics Server Links

There is a growing consensus among system makers, driven in large part by work done by Intel and members of the Open Compute Project founded by Facebook, that the ...Full Article

Intel: “Stop Storing Everything”

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just coming to a factory near you; soon, tech leaders like GE and Intel hope to see connected devices used across industries and ...Full Article

Quanta QCT Peddling Open Compute Servers in North America

Enterprises that are looking to deploy servers and racks based on the Open Compute Project's designs have a new option now that Quanta QCT is ready to sell iron in ...Full Article

Xeon Refresh and Engineering Drive Sales at Supermicro

Supermicro makes a living peddling motherboards and system components as well as its own whitebox systems to those who are looking for density and low cost. Like its peers, ...Full Article

Cloud, HPC Drive Intel’s Record Datacenter Sales in Q3

The Data Center and Connected Systems Group at Intel, which makes chips for servers, storage arrays, and network devices, largely made up for declining revenues and profits in the ...Full Article
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