Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Fujitsu Demos Silicon Photonics Server Links

There is a growing consensus among system makers, driven in large part by work done by Intel and members of the Open Compute Project founded by Facebook, that the ...Full Article

Intel: “Stop Storing Everything”

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just coming to a factory near you; soon, tech leaders like GE and Intel hope to see connected devices used across industries and ...Full Article

Quanta QCT Peddling Open Compute Servers in North America

Enterprises that are looking to deploy servers and racks based on the Open Compute Project's designs have a new option now that Quanta QCT is ready to sell iron in ...Full Article

Xeon Refresh and Engineering Drive Sales at Supermicro

Supermicro makes a living peddling motherboards and system components as well as its own whitebox systems to those who are looking for density and low cost. Like its peers, ...Full Article

Cloud, HPC Drive Intel’s Record Datacenter Sales in Q3

The Data Center and Connected Systems Group at Intel, which makes chips for servers, storage arrays, and network devices, largely made up for declining revenues and profits in the ...Full Article

Lopoco: Low-Powered Servers Are Both Good Enough And Better

Andrew Sharp didn't necessarily want to be back in the server business after a decade-long hiatus. But when Sharp went to buy a server for his home office, he ...Full Article

GE Finds New Partners to Drive Industrial Internet

At this week’s Minds+Machines summit in Chicago, General Electric (GE) announced 14 new predictives tools that will sit atop the Web-connected machines making up the Industrial Internet. Although networks ...Full Article

Biosciences Bring New Supercomputing Lab to Belgium

Computing and biotechnology experts from industry and academia alike are coming together in Belgium to create the ExaScience Life Lab, whose goal will be to advance supercomputing for applications ...Full Article

Hadoop Speed Up From Lustre Will Attract Enterprises

Intel wants Hadoop analytics and the Lustre high-performance file system to work well together for enterprises. The idea is to ease the integration woes of customers who run both ...Full Article

SAP Fills Out Its Hadoop Dance Card

Recently, SAP has begun a fresh push to beef up its big data chops, including the addition of new partnerships to distribute two different flavors of Apache Hadoop to ...Full Article
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