Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, August 12, 2022


Google’s Latest TPU v4 to Play Big Role in Google’s Growing ML Training Compute Services

GOOGLE I/O 2021 – Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke for only one minute and 42 seconds about the company’s latest TPU v4 Tensor Processing Units during his keynote at ...Full Article

Wu Feng Analyzes Green500 Data to Find a Path to Exascale Computing

Feng, co-founder of the Green500, has collected and analyzed the data from seven years of Green500 winners. Computers are getting bigger, faster, and more efficient every year. But is ...Full Article

An ExaFlop Under 20 Megawatts by 2019? Not Likely

Despite improvements in energy efficiency, new generations of computers seem to always use more power than the previous ones. Reaching power efficiencies that will allow exascale computing requires ore ...Full Article