Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, June 13, 2024

Big Data

Data Curbs Healthcare Overtime to Cut Costs

Healthcare labor arguably fills up the industry’s largest division of funding, with some reports estimating that labor alone accounts for roughly 60 percent of operating budgets. But while labor ...Full Article

New Findings Emerge from In-Store Analytics

According to Gartner’s 2013 BI (Business Intelligence) Magic Quadrant, spending for retail analytics is on the rise. The firm estimates that as BI and analytics rise on retailer’s own ...Full Article

MongoDB Lends a Hand for Genome Sequencing

Available since February 2012, the Seven Bridges Genomics platform recently won BioIT World’s Best of Show award. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotech company is looking to cater to researchers whose ...Full Article

Nomi Raises $10M to Expand Retail Analytics

As in-store analytics gain momentum, Nomi, a New York-based marketing optimization platform founded by Salesforce alumni, has raised $10 million to finance its jump beyond the borders of apparel ...Full Article

MasterCard Translates Card Swipes to Consumer Know-How

As the digital marketplace explodes Andy Mantis, group head of Business Solutions for MasterCard Advisors, says that retailers must work harder than ever to stake its claim to an ...Full Article

Lexmark Director Talks Key Trends for Retail

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated every day, retailers are asking themselves the question, ‘How do we get our arms around this information?’ “It’s out there—the problem is ...Full Article

IBM Takes the Guesswork out of Holiday Shopping

Shopping season may be stressful for shoppers hoping to beat the crowds and find the lowest price, but retailers are far from immune from the stresses of the holidays. ...Full Article

Watson Comes to Cleveland Clinic Patient Rooms

When IBM’s Watson made his debut on Jeopardy!, the supercomputer’s makers were quick to point out that while its knowledge of trivia may be impressive, the real impact will ...Full Article

Big Data Commands at Mount Sinai Hospital

For the 160-year-old Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, organizing and making sense of its patient data has been a necessity to streamline its operations, but doctors are ...Full Article

YarcData and Selventa Align for Personalized Medicine

YarcData has recently announced that it will join together with the systems diagnostics company, Selventa, to bring big data to Selventa’s push for personalized medicine. Through the collaboration Selventa ...Full Article
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