Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, June 13, 2024

Big Data

Lustre File System Moving From Lab To Big Data Apps

Proponents of the Lustre file system maintain it is poised to make the jump from HPC installations into the enterprise, driven by the surging amount of data that companies ...Full Article

Using Flash To Scale In As Well As Up And Out

When people talk about scale in the IT industry these days, more times than not they mean one of two things. The first is called scale up, and this ...Full Article

Boston Children’s Combats Strep Throat from Home with Big Data

A new health assessment that combines big data with patient symptoms, called a “home score,” may keep patients suffering from strep throat from having to take a trip to ...Full Article

Facebook Adds Retro Relational to Massive Hadoop Analytics

If there is one lesson that all extreme scale system designs teach us over and over again, it is that you have to tailor the system for the specific ...Full Article

BP Poll Finds Data Challenge Waiting in the Digital Oilfield

According to a poll taken today at the SPE Intelligent Energy International 2013 (IE2013) exhibition in Dubai, oil and gas professionals have unanimously identified the management and analysis of ...Full Article

SAP Chairman Sets Sights on Healthcare

To help his company run more efficiently, SAP chairman and co-founder Hasso Plattner has shifted his business to helping humans to run more efficiently as well. Plattner, who turns ...Full Article

F1 Accelerates in the Industrial Internet Race

Not only does Formula One racing represent the cutting edge of motorsports, but it has also become a test track for innovations that may one day come to your ...Full Article

NSF Mines Medical Records for Patient Care

Heng Huang, a computer scientist at UT Arlington, has been tasked with leading a National Science Foundation (NSF) project to mine medical records data to personalize patient care and ...Full Article

Nutonian Derives Laws of Physics for Life Sciences

On Wednesay, Cambridge startup Nutonian (pronounced “Newtonian”) announced that it’s raised $4 million with the help of Atlas Venture to build its own analytics platform to unlock the “laws ...Full Article

GE Finds Manufacturing Value from Day-to-Day Data

Although the use of predictive analytics for manufacturing continues to drive IT further into factory floors, Jim Walsh, general manager of GE Intelligent Platforms warns that without a proper ...Full Article
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