Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, September 26, 2021
Back in December, Esperanto Technologies made waves when it announced ET-SoC-1, a new RISC-V-based chip aimed at machine learning that packed nearly 1,100 cores onto a package small enough to fit six times over on a single PCIe card. Now, early ET-SoC-1 sample chips have been delivered to the company from its fab and testing ... Full article
Usually, August is the time of the hot, uncomfortable dog days of summer, but for a sampling of five AI startups, the last full month of summer has been anything but miserable. Instead, August 2021 has been a busy month of healthy venture capital funding round announcements for startups in fields from robotics to AI-powered ... Full article
Wafer-scale computing company Cerebras Systems has unveiled more details about its “brain-scale” approach for running the largest models in the world across up to 192 CS-2 systems. To enable this technology, Cerebras has introduced its weight streaming technology, which flips the way that models are usually run, at the Hot Chips conference on August 24 ... Full article
After months in early release, Nvidia today announced the general availability of Nvidia AI Enterprise, a new software offering that’s designed to bring AI capabilities to the masses via VMware’s vSphere. The announcement also includes precertification of AI Enterprise running on a handful of industry-standard X64 servers (equipped with GPUs, of course), as well as ... Full article
In a major refresh of its Z Series chips, IBM is adding on-chip AI acceleration capabilities to allow enterprise customers to perform deep learning inferencing while transactions are taking place to capture business insights and fight fraud in real-time. IBM is set to unveil the latest Z chip Aug. 23 (Monday) at the annual Hot ... Full article
Two months ago, Tesla revealed a massive GPU cluster that it said was “roughly the number five supercomputer in the world,” and which was just a precursor to Tesla’s real supercomputing moonshot: the long-rumored, little-detailed Dojo system. “We’ve been scaling our neural network training compute dramatically over the last few years,” said Milan Kovac, Tesla’s director of ... Full article
Nvidia’s proposed $40 billion acquisition of chip IP vendor Arm has hit a major roadblock after a report from a U.K. regulatory agency criticized the deal, saying it could “lead to a realistic prospect of a substantial lessening of competition” in the globally-important chip industry. A 10-page executive summary of the report, which was issued ... Full article
When Red Hat announced in December 2020 that it would no longer offer the open source CentOS Linux as a stable release and would instead only provide it as a rolling release with frequent changes under the name CentOS Stream, a disturbance was caused throughout the open source community. Loud complaints and concerns quickly emanated ... Full article
In July, reports that Intel is pursuing a $30 billion acquisition of chip fab operation GlobalFoundries threw the chip market into a tizzy, with Intel declining to comment and industry analysts offering a wide range of comments about the possibilities of such a deal. Things have been relatively quiet since that original July 15 report ... Full article
The latest version of Baidu’s open AI platform, Baidu Brain 7.0, has been launched by the Chinese technology company, which also announced that its Kunlun II AI chips are now in mass production. The updates were unveiled at the company’s flagship Baidu World 2021 technology conference, which was live-streamed from Beijing. The conference was held ... Full article
For years, Verizon engineers have been using a laborious process of spreadsheets and manual data crunching to figure out the best locations for where to install the company’s huge national network of thousands of cellular towers and equipment. But today, as Verizon is deploying many more thousands of its latest 5G towers and transmitters across ... Full article
For 14 seconds of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s “kitchen keynote” address at the company’s GTC 2021 virtual conference in April, it turns out that viewers were not actually seeing Huang. Instead, what they were seeing in that brief stretch was a complex digitalization of Huang that the company created to show off its prowess in ... Full article
Looking for an AI refresher to beat the Summer heat? In this Q&A, Hyperion Research Senior Adviser Steve Conway surveys the AI and analytics landscape in a time of intense activity and financial backing. Just last week, the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced it had expanded the National AI Research Institutes program to 40 states (and the District of Columbia) ... Full article
A $10 billion ‘secret’ cloud computing contract that was recently won by Amazon Web Services from the U.S. National Security Agency quickly came under fire from Microsoft Corp., which has protested the decision. The single-award contract, which was first reported in a July 30 story by Washington Technology, is slated by the NSA to bring ... Full article
A month after Andy Jassy left the CEO’s post at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in July to replace Jeff Bezos as the CEO of Amazon, some notable changes are already coming to the AWS leadership team. Charlie Bell, who spent 23 years at AWS, including the last 15 years as the senior vice president of ... Full article
For many enterprises using AI, one of the biggest bottlenecks continues to be the difficulty in getting all their critical data into clearly sorted and labeled groups so it can be used to drive business value. Much of that data still must be manually sorted by hand into groups before being used, which takes huge ... Full article
In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community – promotions, new hires and accolades: Shekar Ayyar AI and HPC software vendor Altair has appointed Shekar Ayyar, the CEO of AdMY Technologies Inc., to its board of directors. Ayyar, a venture partner with NTTVC, ... Full article
Making machine learning operations easier to use, manage and organize for enterprises has always been the goal of the series of best practices known as MLOps. But while MLOps works well for the needed processes and commodity CPU-based infrastructure of traditional machine learning, it can come up short in being as useful for more complex ... Full article
Data science platform maker Dataiku has reeled in another $400 million in venture capital, giving it nearly $647 million in funding since it was founded in 2012. This latest $400 million, which comes in as a Series E Round, arrives as the startup now has a market capitalization of $4.6 billion. The fresh cash infusion ... Full article
The proposed $40 billion acquisition of chip IP vendor Arm by GPU powerhouse Nvidia continues to be under review by regulators in the United States, China, the European Union and in the U.K., but lingering national security concerns from at least one U.K. official could potentially block the deal, according to a report The proposed ... Full article