Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Intel Corp. and deep learning startup Deci are partnering to help enterprises dramatically optimize inferencing and make their deep learning models more efficient and faster using Intel CPUs. The collaboration, which brings together Deci’s algorithmic acceleration technology with Intel chip architectures, aims to make it possible for enterprises to accelerate inferencing speeds by up to 11x at scale, based ... Full article
Coaches and trainers already work hard to help athletes increase their performance in competition, but a new AI-based tool from Intel Corp. is generating critical new data for coaches and trainers that could boost athletic abilities even more. Announced in early 2019, the nascent AI and video-based Intel 3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT) technology is now being piloted for the ... Full article
Nvidia and VMware are bringing together the new Nvidia AI Enterprise software tool suite with VMware’s latest vSphere 7 Update 2 virtualization platform to make it easier for enterprises to virtualize their expanding AI workloads. Nvidia’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) new suite of AI tools and frameworks, which was announced March 9 (Tuesday), is built to run exclusively on VMware’s just ... Full article
  In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community -- promotions, new hires and accolades: Chantelle Breithaupt Aspen Technology, a provider of asset optimization software solutions, named Chantelle Breithaupt as its senior vice president and chief financial officer. Breithaupt previously served as VP of finance for Cisco’s ... Full article
Seeking ways to boost vaccinations against COVID-19, IBM and vaccine developer Moderna will leverage AI, hybrid cloud and other technologies to address nagging supply chain and distribution challenges. The partners said this week they would develop open and standard approaches to “improve supply chain visibility” with the goal of achieving a real-time capability for tracking vaccine distribution. The supply ... Full article
Despite major disruptions from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, global investment in AI technologies grew by 40 percent in 2020 to $67.9 billion, up from $48.8 billion in 2019, as AI research and use continues to boom across broad segments of bioscience, healthcare, manufacturing and more. The figures, compiled as part of Stanford University’s Artificlal Intelligence Index Report 2021 on ... Full article
As Microsoft continues to develop and bolster its growing collection of semantic search tools and features, the company is expanding their reach into new product lines to deliver cutting edge capabilities to a broader range of customers. This week Azure Cloud is the latest Microsoft platform to get semantic search capabilities, as the company unveiled the arrival of the ... Full article
Enterprise AI software platform vendor C3 AI will begin licensing its model-driven architecture and other technologies later this year after receiving a broad, new “omnibus” U.S. patent for its flagship product, the C3 AI Suite. The patent, No.10,817,530, was granted for “systems, methods, and devices for a cyber-physical (IoT) software application development platform based upon a model-driven architecture and ... Full article
The integration of AI with robotics applications continues to attract tech investors who presumably sense that machine learning tools can help transform static industrial robots into agile assemblers of different products in varying volumes. The latest example is a collaboration between automated manufacturing giant Fuji America Corp. and Motus Ventures, an early stage investor and “business accelerator” targeting autonomous ... Full article
With AI use continuing to grow in adoption throughout enterprise IT, Deloitte is creating a new Deloitte Center for AI Computing to advise its customers, explain the technology and help them use it in their ongoing business and growth plans. Designed to provide a cloud-accessible accelerated platform that Deloitte clients can use to test and explore various AI strategies ... Full article
When COVID-19 clobbered all of humanity in early 2020, the resulting government lockdowns in countries and communities across the world negatively impacted entire industries and turned people's lives and whole economies upside down. For many, a full recovery may still be months or years away. But for some large industrial operations, such as oil refining or glass manufacturing, the ... Full article
The modern factory floor is increasingly automated, but manufacturers are looking for ways to make industrial robots more flexible. Symbio Robotics, a Bay Area startup, is aiming to solve those problems using its new AI-based platform that allows robots to learn, adapt and execute new assembly tasks. The company emerged last week, announcing partnerships with automakers along with $30 ... Full article
“Data scientist” has been one of the most in-demand job titles of the past decade. But in another 10 years, that role will look very different, thanks to technologies such as automated machine learning, or AutoML. New technologies are already helping to reduce the need for organizations to build AI and ML models from scratch — a traditional data ... Full article
IBM’s Watson Health business brings in $1 billion a year in revenue, but because the unit still isn’t profitable, Big Blue is reportedly looking to sell it to focus its operations and sights on the lucrative cloud computing market. The company’s potential interest in selling Watson Health, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal on Feb. 18, ... Full article
Among the financial sectors embracing AI technology is the insurance industry, which is looking for more personal and efficient ways to promote its products and services while streamlining underwriting and other data-heavy functions. Investors sense an opportunity in leveraging AI to finetune the insurance business through the use of technology in what is being called the insurtech sector. This ... Full article
FPGA vendor Xilinx has debuted its latest SmartNIC model, the Alveo SN1000, with integrated “composability” features that allow enterprise users to add their own custom networking functions to supplement its built-in networking. By providing deep flexibility and customization, the Alveo SN1000 gives customers, including hyperscalers, cloud users and a wide range of enterprise users, tools that will give them ... Full article
Financial platforms that often serve as harbingers for enterprise technology adoption are rapidly embracing AI-based components to help manage a wide range of investments in the fintech sector. Venture firms have noticed, providing new funding to startups such as FundGuard, developers of an AI-based software-as-a-service platform (SaaS) for investment and asset management. As part of that trend, New York- ... Full article
As it continues to pivot to the cloud, IBM has unveiled a new Power-based private cloud rack product line that is also porting Red Hat OpenShift capabilities to its Power products. The moves for the Power-microprocessor-based products are part of a realignment with IBM's corporate-wide strategy, which iappears to be de-emphasizing HPC to target more traditional enterprise and cloud/hybrid ... Full article
IBM has released details of a prototype AI chip geared toward low-precision training and inference across different AI model types while retaining model quality within AI applications. In a paper delivered during this year’s International Solid-State Circuits Virtual Conference, IBM also touted its AI chip based on 7nm process technology as the first energy-efficient device “at the vanguard of ... Full article
The Pentagon is signaling it may embrace a multi-cloud strategy long favored by commercial users seeking to avoid vendor lock-in. With its Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract award stalled by litigation, Defense Department IT planners informed Congress it may be prepared to move on. In an undated information paper, JEDI program managers noted upcoming court rulings related to ... Full article