Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, December 6, 2021
As more enterprises integrate AI into their infrastructures and business processes, one of the difficulties that often arise is knowing how the systems are working and what changes are needed to make them more efficient and productive. With that mission in mind, AI observability vendor WhyLabs just announced the closing of a $10 million Series ... Full article
In February of 2019, IBM launched its IBM Research AI Hardware Center in Albany, N.Y., to create a global research hub to develop next-generation AI hardware with various technology partners and expand the company’s joint research efforts in nanotechnology. Now, almost three years later, Israeli AI vendor NeuReality has joined the research center as its first ... Full article
AI chip vendor Kneron has announced its most advanced chip so far – its Kneron KL530 which is the company’s first product to include an image signal processor and a RISC-V instruction set to ready it for powering L1 and L2 autonomous applications in vehicles. The latest Kneron SoC also supports Vision Transformer AI models, ... Full article
With its upcoming Intel Sapphire Rapids CPUs, designed as the next generation of Intel Xeon CPUs after Ice Lake and slated for release in 2022, chipmaker Intel Corp. is hoping to drive AI performance to new heights – as much as 30x the performance of the existing Ice Lake chips. The company announced the 30x ... Full article
As the rapid uptake of AI in the enterprise continues across the board, a new report by Deloitte Consulting has found that there are big differences in the results and workflows in the AI practices being explored by businesses. In its latest “State of AI in the Enterprise” report, Deloitte looked for the commonalities that ... Full article
With continuing concerns about the potential for stifled competition in Nvidia’s proposed $40 billion acquisition of Arm, the European Commission (EC) is opening an “in-depth investigation” into the matter to give itself more time to review the potential transaction. The EC announced its move on Oct. 27 after conducting an earlier investigation that determined that ... Full article
As machine learning becomes a dominating use case for local and cloud computing, companies are racing to provide services that optimized and accelerated for AI applications. Now, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is introducing a new competitor to the landscape: cloud instances powered by (Intel-owned) Habana’s Gaudi AI processors, marking the first AI training instances provided ... Full article
As AI-enabled robots in manufacturing facilities, power plants, warehouse and other industrial sites continue to expand in use, more potential use cases are constantly being identified by enterprises that are looking to solve their critical business problems. In response, IBM and Boston Dynamics are partnering to bring IBM software and Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots together ... Full article
New Relic’s cloud-based software stack observability platform is being combined with AI monitoring from Mona Labs to help enterprises better monitor, analyze and troubleshoot their growing production AI workloads. The new partnership, which was announced Oct. 25, means that enterprises will be able to explore production machine learning data which is created by Mona Labs’ ... Full article
After launching its second-generation intelligence processing units (IPUs) in 2020, four years after emerging from stealth, Graphcore is now boosting its product line with its largest commercially-available IPU-based systems: the IPU-POD128 and the IPU-POD256. The newly announced IPU-POD128 has 128 Graphcore GC200 IPUs across 32 Graphcore M2000 compute blades and includes 8.2TB of memory, while ... Full article
By the end of 2020, an estimated six out of 10 businesses had already moved their workloads to the cloud, spurred to action by the COVID-19 pandemic. As IT investment continues to rebound through the pandemic, this figure will likely keep growing. Yet despite the growing use of enterprise cloud, too many organizations continue to ... Full article
Hot on the heels of recent GPT language model product news from SambaNova, Microsoft and Nvidia, China-based Inspur AI Research has announced its Yuan 1.0 language model, which has 245.7 billion parameters and has undergone training using 5TB of datasets. What makes Yuan 1.0 different, however, is that it was built from the ground up ... Full article
With demands for language modeling soaring, SambaNova Systems has integrated an enterprise-ready Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) language model into its flagship Dataflow-as-a-Service extensible AI services platform with the aim of making it easier for enterprises to add the needed services to their critical business workflows. Presently, many enterprises that want to perform language model training ... Full article
The impacts of the chip shortage can be spotted everywhere: from higher prices on home appliances to empty new car lots to higher prices for consumer devices. Processor-hungry AI applications are feeling the pinch, but according to SambaNova’s CEO, hardware alone isn’t a determining factor in AI’s success. The roots of the current bottleneck in ... Full article
As IoT has soared in adoption and use, the IoT development process has stubbornly fallen behind, still requiring up to five years between a product concept and its eventual development and release on the market. That is not helping Internet of Things (IoT) device manufacturers and developers release new products, but it has been a ... Full article
With more and more enterprises turning to AI for a myriad of tasks, companies quickly find out that training AI models is expensive, difficult and time-consuming. Finding a new approach to deal with those cascading challenges is the aim of a new startup, MosaicML, that just came out of stealth and is now preparing to ... Full article
Four years after launching its AI chip business for edge uses such as autonomous vehicles and IoT devices, Israel-based Hailo just secured another $136 million in Series C funding to help continue to grow the company. The latest funding round, which brings the company’s total funding to $224 million, was led by Poalim Equity and ... Full article
Working together to bolster the security of open source software for enterprises in the U.S. and around the world, a group of technology and financial companies has amassed $10 million in new investments to raise their game, particularly in the battle against devastating supply chain cyberattacks. The money, which will come from companies including Amazon, ... Full article
The first time I saw old, original “Star Trek” episodes, I thought the show was stupid. But that was then. Decades later, I came to appreciate the original “Star Trek” and its characters, adventures, its mission and its brilliance. And now today, as Captain James T. Kirk goes back to space – OK, actually it ... Full article
As destructive global warming trends continue to dramatically affect businesses around the world, IBM is bringing together AI data, weather data and climate risk analytics to give enterprises hardier tools to prepare for and respond to changing environmental conditions that affect them. With its new IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, which was announced by the company ... Full article