Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, July 14, 2024

Virga: Australia’s AI Powerhouse

Australia has officially added another supercomputer to the TOP500 list with the implementation of Virga. Officially coming online in June 2024, Virga is the newest HPC system to come ...Full Article

Yes, Big Data Is Still a Thing (It Never Really Went Away)

A funny thing happened on the way to the AI promised land: People realized they need data. In fact, they realized they need large quantities of a wide variety ...Full Article

Anthropic Pushes for Third-Party AI Model Evaluations

Although AI tools are rapidly advancing and becoming a part of just about every sector, the AI community is still looking for a standardized means to assess the capabilities ...Full Article

AI-augmented HPC and the Inflation of Science and Technology

Everyone is aware of the inflationary model of the early universe in which the volume of space expands exponentially then slows down. AI-augmented HPC (AHPC for short) has started ...Full Article

Spelunking the HPC and AI GPU Software Stacks

As AI continues to reach into every domain of life, the question remains as to what kind of software these tools will run on. The choice in software stacks ...Full Article

Industrial AI: A Critical Tool for Complex Energy Systems

From oil and gas to power and utilities, energy companies around the globe have seen their businesses become more complex as the world works to navigate the energy transition. ...Full Article

Argonne’s Rick Stevens on Energy, AI, and a New Kind of Science

The world is currently experiencing two of the largest societal upheavals since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. One is the rapid improvement and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) ...Full Article

GenAI Lost in Translation? Assessing Advanced Technology’s Language Gap in Life Sciences

As various industries explore new applications for advanced intelligence, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) continues to gain traction. Its ability to process complex data, uncover hidden patterns, automate tasks and ...Full Article

Using AI and Robots to Advance Science

Even though we invented it, humans can be pretty bad at science. We need to eat and sleep, we sometimes let our emotions regulate our behavior, and our bodies ...Full Article

Anthropic Breaks Open the Black Box

One of the largest hurdles to trustworthy and responsible AI is the concept of the black box, and Anthropic just took a big step towards opening that box. For ...Full Article
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