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Domino Furthers Commitment to Responsible AI with NIST AISIC Membership 

April 11, 2024 -- In this recent blogpost, Domino's Yuval Zukerman discusses the burgeoning field of AI and its inherent risks, emphasizing the significance of Domino's recent NIST AISIC Membership as a step toward establishing safer AI practices and standards.

The AI gold rush is underway. Companies across the globe lean on AI to extract new value from their data. Analysts and consultants believe trillions of dollars are waiting to be unlocked, and promising startups launch constantly. They offer new models that can do everything from inventing chemicals to creating videos. Yet throughout this bonanza, AI risks often take a back seat.

Just as AI rapidly becomes part of our lives, it also enters our national critical infrastructure. When you make AI part of your operations, you also introduce new risks. Failure, downtime, and errors can cause financial damage to your company and its customers or even harm people. Bad AI can also destroy hard-earned reputations — on the cover of the Wall Street Journal for the wrong reason. So, what do you really know about your AI models and solutions?

Fast AI adoption risks vast amounts of data. The data you use to train models will often include private information about your customers or third parties. Hackers are paying attention. They now use models and data as a means of attack: to open system back doors and trick your models into exposing private data. Such risks also cause concern among lawmakers.

Regulators are working to address these new AI risks, adding to data and analytics guidelines that have been in place for years. Drugmakers have been subject to strict FDA and EMA GxP rules for years. The financial industry must treat models as critical infrastructure. The EU's AI Act and Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) define legal privacy and reliability expectations for broader business communities using AI. In practice, they want you to keep an audit trail to show you did your best to develop safe AI solutions. Such tracking is much easier said than done.

Recently, Domino took another step to help the industry define AI safety standards by joining the US AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC).

Over the last ten years, enterprise IT and data science leaders at the world’s largest AI-driven companies have chosen Domino for its ability to govern AI at the heart of global business. Domino's built-in tracking, versioning, and reproducibility engine are the gold standard for responsible AI. We want to share these best practices to help define what AI safety looks like, not just for our customers, but for the world.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) founded the AISIC to tackle AI deployment safety and governance challenges. AISIC has more than 200 members from business, government, and academia. The membership highlights Domino's commitment to the highest AI safety and reliability standards. It will offer our team access to the latest research and best practices and allow Domino to contribute and collaborate on AI thought leadership initiatives.

Domino is also a member of the AI Alliance, an industry organization focused on open innovation. The alliance seeks to improve AI's safety, security, and capabilities. Among its core missions, it will create "benchmarks, tools, and methodologies to evaluate and ensure safe, trusted, secure, and high-quality AI to achieve that goal." These are critical to maintaining AI's momentum while ensuring its responsible adoption.

AI's success also brings risks to infrastructure, privacy, livelihoods, and reputations. Enterprises are turning to Domino to foster responsible practices and ease compliance with future regulations. Domino reinforces its commitment to AI safety and reliability by joining the AISIC and the AI Alliance. Membership will also help Domino guide its customers' adoption of safety and trust better practices.

If you want to learn more about Domino's extensive responsible AI capabilities, please visit our dedicated page. And to see how Domino helps deliver AI responsibly, on time and budget, join us for our weekly demo.

Source: Yuval Zukerman, Domino Data Lab