Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, April 18, 2024

GoodData Unveils Major Update to Redefine the Landscape for BI Practitioners 



In the realm of business intelligence (BI) and analytic platforms, artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a behind-the-scenes force for a while. However, the advent of GenAI has revolutionized the way organizations leverage data to derive insights and make informed decisions.

This advancement brings its challenges, including stringent data management and compliance requirements.

To help enterprises navigate all of these organizational and technological complexities, GoodData, an AI-powered analytics engine, launched FlexQuery, a foundational component of its BI and analytics platform.

GoodData has now unveiled major updates to FlexQuery. According to GoodData, the updates will “redefine the landscape for BI practitioners with unparalleled efficiency and innovation.”

FlexQuery was launched as a composable data service layer that leverages popular open-source technologies like Apache Arrow and Iceberg. It empowers users to have more control and flexibility over their data queries through customizable queries, advanced analysis, and deep integration with BI tools. With FlexQuery, users can execute custom SQL queries from within the GoodData platform.

The latest updates allow FlexQuery to optimize query performance to reduce the load on data warehouses, resulting in significant savings on cloud data architecture costs.  The update also offers enhanced data accessibility through built-in transformation and federation capabilities that can integrate across a wide range of applications via APIs or SQL.

“FlexQuery and the Analytics Lake concept mark the evolution of BI platforms, embracing the complexity of modern data development,” said GoodData VP of Product, Ryan Dolley. “With FlexQuery’s analytics engine, GoodData offers the world’s most powerful, flexible, and efficient BI platform.”

The updated version of FlexQuery also features native support for Jupyter Notebooks and other Python-based ML tooling. As FlexQuery is built in open-source tooling it allows users to create customized solutions with pluggable modules for diverse data-related tasks.

GoodData has been on a mission to break data silos. Last year the company announced a partnership with Snowflake to help customers unlock more value from their data through real-time analytics, scalable architecture, and multi-tenant analytics. More than 3.2 million users worldwide rely on GoodData to gather more value from their data.

FlexQuery now forms the computational heart of GoodData’s Analytics Lake concept, designed to integrate data, metadata, models, and reports in a single platform.   The Analytics Lake addresses the rapid increase in data sources and the surge in data volume that have led to deteriorating performance and escalating costs.



The benefits of Analytics Lake include improved responsiveness, optimized data processing, increased cost efficiency, robust governance for high-quality data across applications, and continued support for open-source technologies.

With FlexQuery, the Analytics Lake can seamlessly process data from different sources. Using sophisticated algorithms FlexQuery can reduce computational loads and improve response times.

The latest updates to FlexQuery build upon GoodData’s commitment to providing open, powerful tools for data developers and BI practitioners. It helps position GoodData as one of the leading embedded analytics solutions providers.

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