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HPE Advances AI and Data Lake Workloads with High-Density, All-Flash Options in GreenLake for File Storage 

March 5, 2024 -- HPE today announced the expansion HPE GreenLake for File Storage capabilities with new high-density, all-flash options specifically designed to power large-scale enterprise AI and data lake workloads. Compared to the currently shipping release of HPE GreenLake for File Storage, HPE's new options provide four times the capacity and as much two times the system performance per rack unit.

These improvements allow HPE to scale throughput at AI scale by two times and reduce power consumption by as much as 50%. Via a new controller with double the processing power and storage units with a 1-RU 1.3560PB all-NVMe JBOF, HPE customers can now accelerate workloads, slash costs, and substantially reduce the data center footprint and power consumption.

With these enhancements, HPE takes another major step toward enabling customers to achieve enterprise performance, simplicity, and enhanced efficiency – all at AI and data lake scale. HPE is helping organizations to better realize the power of AI and unlock more value from their data.

With HPE's latest high-density storage shelf, HPE GreenLake for File Storage has increased the capacity density of high-end offering by seven times over what was released mid-2023. Furthermore, and also as promised, HPE GreenLake for File Storage now delivers up to 2.3 times the capacity density of Dell PowerScale and Pure Storage FlashBlade.

HPE’s announcement extends the company's capabilities even higher in the AI and data lake scale performance and capacity spectrum. It demonstrates HPE's ongoing commitment and trajectory to stay ahead of customers’ requirements to preserve and extend their investment in the industry’s most comprehensive scale-out file data solution for demanding AI and data lake workloads.

As a business moving into or expanding AI initiatives, customers want IT to deliver enterprise performance at AI scale that starts with efficient, performant capacity for data aggregation and preparation and extends to model training, tuning, and inferencing to span all the stages of AI, accelerating even the most data-intensive applications.

From GenAI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to myriad other AI workloads, HPE GreenLake for File Storage not only delivers that enterprise performance but also simplicity and enhanced efficiency, all at AI scale.

Performance at scale limitations can be an issue for AI storage, particularly legacy scale-out NAS solutions with shared-nothing architectures. These solutions can scale capacity, but they can't scale performance linearly to match that capacity.

HPE GreenLake for File Storage accelerates customers' most data-intensive applications with enterprise performance at AI scale. This is performance that spans all the stages of AI – from data aggregation, data preparation, and training and tuning to inferencing. And it’s not just performance that reaches a peak at some point in time for a small data set. Instead, it’s fast, sustained performance that spans the entire scale of data for the most demanding, data-intensive AI applications, including GenAI and Large Language Models (LLMs).

Enterprise performance at AI scale helps customers unlock more value from all aggregated data, delivering faster time to insight and giving a real-world competitive advantage.

HPE GreenLake for File Storage has a disaggregated, shared-everything, highly resilient modular architecture that allows customers to scale performance and capacity independently – and it’s designed for exabyte scale. With all-NVMe speed for fast, predictable performance and no front-end caching, data movement between media, or tiered data pipelines, customers can supercharge the most data-intensive AI applications.

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Source: David Yu, HPE