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Motivair Unveils New MCDU-30 For AI Workloads 

DENVER, Nov. 14, 2023 -- Motivair Corporation, a global leader and innovator of direct liquid cooling and data center cooling technology, is pleased to announce its newest Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) – the MCDU-30 – designed for artificial intelligence workloads.

Created in collaboration with premier GPU manufacturers, data center and supercomputer operators, the MCDU-30 is tailored for hyperscale clients and businesses looking to leverage and deploy the latest AI.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate into large-scale data center infrastructure, the MCDU-30 features a 600mm-wide frame and a depth of 1200mm. Representing the most compact floor-mount unit in Motivair’s CDU portfolio, it has a cooling capacity up to 860kW.

“We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Motivair product portfolio: the MCDU-30, our cutting-edge Coolant Distribution Unit,” Motivair President & CEO Rich Whitmore said. “This remarkable product not only embodies innovation but is poised to drive innovation itself. It will play a pivotal role in advancing the computing capabilities of Artificial intelligence and supercomputing, advancing the 4th Industrial Revolution that is reshaping the world.”

Additional features in our latest model include:

  • Available primary/secondary fluid filtration
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Primary/secondary flow meters
  • Touchscreen HDMI interface
  • Enhanced security, like secure boot and restful API allowing integration into platforms like Redfish

Motivair’s CDU portfolio has seven models, ranging in cooling capacity from 105kW to 2.3MW.

About Motivair

Motivair designs, engineers, and services liquid cooling and data center cooling infrastructure, enabling tomorrow's advanced technology. It supports customers' progressive needs, ranging from cooling artificial intelligence, edge computing, colocation, and hyperscale data centers to mission-critical applications. Motivair’s technologies are leveraged by leading silicon manufacturers, server OEMs, data centers, and they are featured in countless Top500 supercomputers around the globe.

Source: Motivair