Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, December 4, 2023

Cornelis Networks Announces CN5000 Omni-Path High-Performance Interconnect Solution for AI and HPC 

WAYNE, Pa., Nov. 13, 2023 -- Cornelis Networks, a leading independent provider of intelligent, high-performance networking solutions, today announced the Cornelis CN5000 Omni-Path high-performance interconnect product family. Designed specifically for organizations deploying AI and HPC environments, this new line is engineered to address the escalating demands of modern workloads on network infrastructures.

With the ongoing rise in AI adoption, the key to success lies in effectively scaling the environments that support these workloads. The CN5000 family is meticulously crafted to enhance performance, scalability, and agility, enabling AI and HPC infrastructures to achieve optimal throughput and efficiency, thereby maximizing computing investment returns.

The CN5000's AI-optimized architecture sets new industry standards in latency and message rates, while its advanced adaptive routing and congestion control mechanisms ensure optimal network performance. Additionally, its compatibility with existing environments, combined with a user-friendly, performance-enhanced open software suite, ensures seamless integration and effortless operation.

“CN5000 stands out in its ability to provide sustainable, high-level performance essential for large-scale AI and HPC workloads,” stated Phil Murphy, CEO and co-founder of Cornelis Networks. “We are excited to bring this innovative solution to a market eager for advanced technologies and superior capabilities to meet the growing performance demands of these complex environments.”

CN5000 Key Product Benefits

  • Unmatched infrastructure efficiency at scale
  • Industry leading price-performance
  • Optimal network traffic control via advanced telemetry engines
  • Best-in-class tail latency through advanced fine-grained Quality of Service
  • Impenetrable link protection
  • Extreme ease of use and superior operational efficiency

For more information about CN5000 and for pricing, please email [email protected].

About Cornelis Networks

Cornelis Networks is a technology leader delivering purpose-built, high-performance fabrics accelerating Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Data Analytics, and High-Performance Computing workloads in the Cloud and in the Data Center. The company’s products enable customers across hyperscale, commercial, scientific, academic, and governmental markets by efficiently focusing the computational power of many processing devices at scale on a single problem, simultaneously improving both result accuracy and time-to-solution for their most complex application workloads. Cornelis Networks delivers its end-to-end interconnect solutions worldwide through an established set of server OEM and channel partners.

Source: Cornelis Networks