Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, December 4, 2023

ChaosSearch Tackles Live Search, SQL, and Gen AI Analytics with LakeDB 

ChaosSearch, a leading log analytics platform, last week announced the release of Chaos LakeDB – the first data lake database designed to power generative artificial intelligence (AI), SQL, and Live Search. Chaos LakeDB is available as a SaaS data platform for enterprises and as an embedded database from cloud platform providers.

Earlier this year, ChaosSearch unveiled the Chaos AI Assistant – powered by open AI and integrated into the ChaosSearch platform. Industry leaders such as Cisco and Equifax are already using Chaos LakeDB.

The ChaosSearch technology allows organizations to stream data directly into cloud object storage such as Amazon S3, turning it into a searchable data lake with unlimited hot data retention. With the launch of Chaos LakeDB, any cloud provider or enterprise software company can embed the ChaosSearch database into its existing offering. Embedding ChaosSearch would allow organizations flexibility in how they search data.

Chaos LakeDB is designed for various applications including general system observability, understanding product usage trends to derive business insights, and search log data for troubleshooting. It helps simplify architecture by removing the need for complex data movement or data pipelines. In addition, it consolidates diverse data streams and formats into one cohesive data lake database. The database also has the capability to automate the data pipeline, orchestrate workload across the lake backbone, and schema management.

“Our vision with Chaos LakeDB was to tackle the challenges of live analytics at scale. We recognized the challenges businesses faced with legacy systems and aimed to provide a solution that was not only efficient but also future-proof. Chaos LakeDB is a testament to our commitment to innovation, offering a unified platform where data is not just stored but is also activated, analyzed, and leveraged for actionable insights. In this AI-driven era, we believe that data should be at the forefront of decision-making, and with Chaos LakeDB, we’re making that a reality for businesses worldwide,” said Thomas Hazel, Chief Technology Officer at ChaosSearch.


The integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), the leading object store for AWS customers, Chaos LakeDP allows users to merge vast storage capabilities with the accessibility of cloud databases and helps minimize the need for complex ETL and ELT processes. The integration also ensures enhanced cost efficiency and performance at scale – crucial requirements for today’s data-intensive analytics and AI applications.

“Every modern business today is a data business, and where you store your data and how quickly you’re able to leverage it for analytics is incredibly important,” said James Kirschner, general manager, Amazon S3 at AWS. “Solutions like ChaosSearch’s Chaos LakeDB help improve how customers interact with their data, making it easier to manage, faster to leverage, and more cost-effective, while retaining Amazon S3’s industry-leading durability, availability, security, and scalability.”

There has been a rising demand for observability technology and this is evident in the recent acquisition of Splunk by Cisco representing $28 billion in equity value, and the New Relix private equity takeover earlier this year. It is clear that this is a space to keep an eye on.

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