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GITEX Africa 2023: Huawei Introduces Diversified SD-WAN Products and New Data Center Switch 

MARRAKECH, Morocco, June 7, 2023 -- Huawei marked a significant milestone at GITEX Africa 2023 by hosting its first Huawei Network Summit (HNS) in Africa. The summit, themed "Innovations Never Stop," drew an audience of over 400 customers and partners from Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, and numerous other African countries.

Huawei's Steven Zhao delivered a keynote speech.

At the summit, Huawei unveiled the future of data communication networks. The tech giant highlighted its ongoing innovations in seven key areas: office campus, production campus, branch interconnection, wide area network (WAN), data center network (DCN), network security, and commercial & distribution business markets. The company partnered with innovative customers to introduce diverse SD-WAN products perfect for "10 Gbps campus networks" and CloudEngine 16800-X, a groundbreaking data center switch designed for versatile computing power.

As digital technologies continue to develop, Africa embarks on a significant growth period. A robust digital economy is emerging, supported by "new infrastructures, new models, and new values." Intelligent networks, spanning IT and CT, cover all aspects of business operations. Never before have networks held such critical importance.

At HNS, Steven Zhao, Vice President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, delivered a keynote speech, "Innovations Never Stop," shedding light on Huawei's technology, solution, and product innovations in seven scenarios.

In office campuses, Huawei's third-generation smart antenna enables Wi-Fi 7 to deliver a record-high 30 Gbps speed and ultra-low 10 ms latency, creating the ultimate office experience. For production campuses, Huawei integrates time sensitive network (TSN) technology into the industrial switch CloudEngine S5735I, which enables a microsecond-level latency, dual fed and selective receiving, and IT & OT convergence needed for the industrial field. In branch interconnection, Huawei's innovative SD-WAN architecture combines CPU, NPU, and hardware acceleration engines, ultimately achieving more than 100 Gbps forwarding performance.

At the event, Huawei, along with African banking giants, unveiled diversified SD-WAN products ideal for "10 Gbps campus networks". Featured products include the highly reliable headquarters gateway NetEngine AR8700, the hyper-converged 200 Gbps cloud-native gateway NetEngine AR6700V, the simplified converged branch gateway NetEngine AR5710-S, and the industrial gateway NetEngine AR631I.

Due to enterprises' surging demand for computing power in areas such as high-performance computing (HPC) and AI, the entire industry is struggling to reduce private network construction, operations, and maintenance costs in data centers. In this context, Huawei and an industry pioneer from Egypt jointly launched CloudEngine 16800-X, the industry's first data center switch built for diversified computing power.

This flagship switch is hardware-ready for 800GE and builds a lossless Ethernet network to underpin diversified computing power for applications such as HPC, AI, and high-performance storage. It also supports exclusive network scale load balancing (NSLB), improving AI training efficiency by 20%.

In terms of WANs, Huawei constantly makes "IPv6 Enhanced" technology innovations and launches NetEngine 8000 F8, an ultra-high-density metro aggregation router with 6.4 Tbps performance. To maximize network security, Huawei unveiled the industry's first multilayer ransomware protection solution that leverages endpoint-network-storage collaboration and exclusive AI clustering algorithms to accurately identify ransomware.

When it comes to commercial and distribution business markets, Huawei launched "easy to install, easy to use, and easy to manage" product portfolios, fully meeting the scenario-based requirements of customers and partners.

Alone, no one can go far on their digital transformation journey. Vincent Liu commented that Huawei will provide HCIX and HCSX certification systems, innovative talent training, trusted professional services, and globalized cooperation platforms, enabling partners to better serve enterprise digital transformation.

Also at HNS, Huawei launched the first IP Club member program in Africa, recruiting over 300 members onsite.

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Source: Huawei