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GigaIO Launches First Composability User Group 

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Oct. 6, 2022 — GigaIO, a leading provider of workload-defined infrastructure without compromise for HPC + AI workflows, today announced the launch of its first user group, which will meet biannually at Supercomputing and ISC. This inaugural meeting marks the emergence of the composable computing space as mature enough to count large deployments such as the Prototype National Research Platform at San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), as well as the desire of current users to exchange experiences, learn from one another, and discuss use cases. 

The inaugural user group meeting will feature presentations by two of GigaIO’s most prominent recent deployments: Dr. Frank Würthwein, Director, SDSC, will present “Composability for the New Prototype National Research Platform”, and Dr. Dan Stanzione, Executive Director, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), will give a talk on “Disaggregated Computing at TACC.”

“We are so very excited to have reached the point in our company journey where we can host some of our most valuable customers to share the ways in which they are using our technology to help solve the world’s biggest problems,” said Jacqueline Arsivaud, Vice President, Marketing, GigaIO. “Our very first user group meeting is a testament to the traction and momentum of GigaIO’s growing ecosystem.” 

GigaIO’s dynamic memory fabric, FabreXTM, enables users to liberate what Dr. Würthwein calls the “dazzling array of new acceleration hardware” required to run modern HPC and AI workloads from the constraints of the sheet metal by disaggregating those components into pooling appliances where they are available to all of the servers in a rack, for true rack-scale computing. 

GigaIO has named its user group the “GigaIO Lighthouse User Group”, or GLUG, with a nod towards Wikipedia’s definition of lighthouse customers as “those who, in addition to using the vendor’s product or technology, also provide considerable and candid feedback to help the vendor refine its future product releases.” Details on how to attend can be found here.

About GigaIO 

GigaIO provides workload-defined infrastructure through its dynamic memory fabric, FabreX, which seamlessly composes rack-scale resources and integrates natively into industry-standard tools. FabreX lets customers build impossible servers for HPC + AI workflows — from storage to accelerators to memory — at a fraction of cloud TCO, by optimizing the utilization and efficiency of their existing hardware, allowing them to run more workloads faster at lower cost through higher utilization of resources and more agile deployment. Visit

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