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GIGABYTE Announces Arm Servers for Real-time Insights for Cloud and Edge 

Nov. 25, 2021 -- GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), a provider of high-performance servers and workstations, today refreshed the GIGABYTE server portfolio with eight new Arm based servers for the Ampere Altra processor: G242-P33, G242-P34, R152-P31, R152-P32, R272-P31, R272-P32, R272-P33, and E252-P31. Committed to providing customer-centric solutions, GIGABYTE responded to customers’ needs for cost-effective servers that support SATA drives and are readily available, thus the new SKUs came to fruition. The Ampere Altra platform targets and excels in cloud and edge workloads, where more cores matter most, while doing so with great scalability, predictable high performance, and power efficiency.

Features of the New Servers:

All the new servers support a single socket Ampere Altra processor with sixteen DIMMs, two M.2 (Gen4) slots, dual 1GbE LAN, a dedicated management port, and all PCIe Gen4 expansion slots. The G242-P33 is for GPU-centric workloads and has dual 80+ Platinum power supplies, while the new R-series & E-series servers have redundant PSUs. For additional security, all these servers have a firm hardware Root of Trust to prevent against cyber threats and to ensure the firmware is not compromised. The choice of a cost-effective SATA controller enables all SATA drives to be connected through a device in the OCP mezzanine or PCIe expansion slot on the motherboards. This I/O controller in the PCIe and/or OCP slots supports all SATA drives but does not have support for SAS drives or RAID technology that are found in previous models. Targeting a niche market segment, these new servers improve TCO and support the latest server technology.


Remote and Multiple Server Management:

As part of GIGABYTE’s value proposition, GIGABYTE provides GIGABYTE Management Console (GMC) for BMC server management via a web browser-based platform. Additionally, GIGABYTE Server Management (GSM) software is free to download and used to monitor and manage multiple servers. GMC and GSM offer great value while reducing license and customer maintenance costs.

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