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Inspur’s Storage System Ranks Second in the SPC Benchmark 1 Performance Test 

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 2, 2020 -- In the latest SPC Benchmark 1 report issued by Storage Performance Council (SPC), Inspur ranked second with 7,520,358 IOPS and a 0.472 ms response time, and the cost of unit SPC IOPS was only 60 percent of the first place. The SPC Benchmark 1 results are a valuable reference for the selection of storage systems for businesses critical applications like OLTP systems, databases systems, and server applications.

SPC, a globally recognized leader in data storage, has been consistently providing users with objective, reliable and rigorously audited performance measurements of storage systems for more than 20 years. As the organization's most actively tested program, the SPC Benchmark 1 is designed to assess the performance of storage systems that handle complex requests and large volumes of data. The test index involves the stress testing of eight data access scenarios, such as the read-write response time sensitivity of the storage system, workload diversity and dynamic changes, system performance, and long-term stability. A total of 11 SPC-1 performance results from seven global storage providers have been published since January 2019.

In the era where digital transformation is accelerating, the requirements for high performance and reliability of data storage systems have become common concerns for enterprises. According to data, in the five IO intensive scenarios of high-performance computing, data analysis, online transaction processing, virtual desktop infrastructure, and server virtualization, the weighted ratio of users to system performance is as high as 44%. The latest SPC-1 shows that Inspur AS5600G2, which underwent the test, was configured with 16 controllers, a 4TB Cache and 400 x 1.92 TB SSDs. The overall performance of the system reached 7.52 million IOPS, while its single-controller performance reached 470,000 IOPS, and it’s priced at $386.50/SPC-1 KIOPS. Not only does it fulfill enterprise requirements for high-performance processing capacity of storage infrastructure, it also presents an excellent ROI.

Li Hui, General Manager of Inspur storage production line, said that, "Breaking the world record in the SPC-1 performance test is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind it all lies Inspur's continuous technological innovations and improvements for nearly two decades, during which no shortcuts were taken.” It is reported that the AS5600G2 adopted the iTurbo acceleration engine technology from Inspur and used the four core algorithms of intelligent data path acceleration — intelligent multi-core scheduling, intelligent hot and cold data stream separation, and iMASP random to sequential transformation technology — to accelerate the speed.

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