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RPA Training Program to Benefit Economically Challenged Communities 

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 7, 2019  - Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced a partnership with PeopleShores, a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) dedicated to bringing jobs to economically disadvantaged communities in the U.S. through retraining and upskilling in technology-enabled service centers.

Automation Anywhere is planning to reskill more than 100 associates from PeopleShores in robotic process automation – or RPA. These associates in San Jose, CA are being taught how to implement software bots to automate common business processes.

The partnership will enable the training of PeopleShores' employees, or process associates, on Automation Anywhere's first purely web-based, cloud-native Digital Workforce platform, Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019. The program has already retrained 30 associates to deliver RPA services to PeopleShores' customers and PeopleShores anticipates expanding the program to more than 100 new associates next year. PeopleShores' associates are also trained and certified  through Automation Anywhere University (AAU) to continually learn new advancements in RPA.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, automation and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are anticipated to encourage as many as 375 million workers, or roughly 14 percent of the global workforce to reskill themselves by 2030. RPA ranks as the third fastest growing technology for reskilling in the U.S. freelance job market, according to a survey by Upwork.

PeopleShores' objective is to empower communities by developing and enhancing professional skills; and offering employment in the organization's service centers. PeopleShore's associates have a range of educational, ethnic and often challenging social backgrounds, but are highly motivated to learn, grow and contribute. Associates are sourced through a number of local non-profit and government community partners who are committed to training and placing disadvantaged, challenged and at-risk populations in stable careers.

"Technology creates more jobs than it displaces, but it also leads to employment shifts that we are witnessing today," said Neeti Mehta, Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Culture at Automation Anywhere. "Our collaboration with PeopleShores underlines the need for organizations to address potential skills gaps related to automation and at the same time, we are helping to provide PeopleShore's team members with a new career path that matches with the kinds of skills companies will require with this shift . By providing unlimited access to RPA training, PeopleShores employees will be empowered to continuously expand their knowledge and better assist end users to accelerate their digital transformations."

"Each potential individual at PeopleShores represents a variety of backgrounds, talents, perspectives and experiences. Our process associates deliver unique ideas and exceptional service to our customers every day," said Murali Vullaganti, Founder of PeopleShores. "With this strong partnership with Automation Anywhere, many of our process associates are going from novices to bot developers in less than six months, and help large companies become more digitally efficient. It is truly a win-win."

"Working with PeopleShores' process associates over the past year has enabled transformAI to become more streamlined and efficient," said Hugh Hui, vice president at transformAI. "Being alleviated from mundane tasks by collaborating with software bots implemented by PeopleShores has allowed us to focus more on the customer experience and serving our clients. PeopleShores is an extraordinary organization and we look forward to seeing its continued success."

About Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the platform on which more organizations build world-class Intelligent Digital Workforces. Automation Anywhere's enterprise-grade platform uses software bots that work side by side with people to do much of the repetitive work in many industries. It combines sophisticated RPA, cognitive and embedded analytic technologies. More than 3,500 customer entities and 1,900 enterprise brands use this AI-enabled solution to manage and scale business processes faster, with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs. Automation Anywhere provides automation technology to leading financial services, insurance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, telecom and logistics companies globally. For additional information, visit

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