Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, December 9, 2023

SAP HANA Gets a Cloud Boost 

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SAP continues to push its flagship HANA in-memory database platform higher into the cloud with a range of new analytics, cloud storage, AI and robotic process automation features aimed down-market beyond big companies and “complex scenarios.”

As SAP (NYSE: SAP) points HANA toward a mass market, “We want to see all industries in the cloud, [and] the public cloud is the way to go,” Hasso Plattner, SAP’s co-founder and board chairman, emphasized during an annual company event this week.

To that end, SAP is expanding its collaboration with public cloud vendors Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Google Cloud (NASDAQ: GOOGL) on traditional business process as well as Internet of Things initiatives.

At the top of its new stack, SAP HANA cloud services act as a gateway for analytical and transactional data, the latter being SAP’s current bread and butter. The cloud initiative also takes in structured and unstructured data stored in datacenters or the cloud. The idea is to make more cloud-based data available to humans, machines and algorithms or applications.

Hence, SAP also rolled out a data warehouse as the first of its HANA cloud services. The cloud warehouse is linked to SAP and other data sources and includes cloud-based analytics and pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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