Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Google Offers Fixed-Price Cloud Storage 


Thomas Kurian, who succeeded Diane Greene last November as chief of Google Cloud, has been outspoken about plans to compete more aggressively in the cutthroat public cloud market. Among his first moves was announcing plans to invest $13 billion in this year in U.S. datacenter expansion.

That was followed this week by a new fixed-price cloud storage scheme that allows customers to use as much data storage as needed in return for a commitment to spend at least $10,000 monthly for 12 months. Customers “can grow stored data, with no extra charges for usage over [their] commitment, during those 12 months,” Google Cloud announced in a blog post on Tuesday (March 5).

The shift to “ready-when-you-need-it” data storage appears to be the latest twist in the public cloud price wars between Google, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Now, Google Cloud is adding a “scalable” data plan as a path to consolidated storage on a managed platform along with a price break based on an upfront customer commitment.

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