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UberCloud Brings Parallel MPI to Univa Grid Engine’s Docker Support 

CHICAGO, Nov. 2 2017 – UberCloud and Univa today announced the integration of UberCloud parallel application containers with Univa Grid Engine. In May of last year, Univa, a leading innovator of workload management products, announced the availability of Docker software container support with its Grid Engine 8.4.0 product, enabling enterprises to automatically dispatch and run jobs in Docker containers, from a user specified Docker image, on a Univa Grid Engine cluster.

This significant update simplifies running complex applications in a Univa supported cluster and reduces configuration and OS issues. Since then, user applications are isolated into their own container, avoiding conflicts with other jobs on the system. This integration enables Docker containers and non-container applications to run in the same cluster, on-premise or in the cloud.

UberCloud and Univa technologies complement each other with Univa focusing on orchestrating jobs and containers on any computing resource infrastructure. Univa and UberCloud have worked together to bring MPI parallel execution to Univa Grid Engine managed containers. Parallel applications are pre-installed in UberCloud containers which are managed by Univa in the same way jobs are managed.

Now Univa and Unicloud solutions can automatically launch containerized parallel workloads in the cloud when the local system queues are full. UberCloud containers guarantee that the same software version can run on-premise and in the cloud. Also, software upgrades become automated, and the users just specify which software version of e.g. ANSYS Fluent or SIMULIA Abaqus they want, by selecting the container with the software version they need. Finally, for interactive sessions, the UberCloud/Univa integration provides Nice-DCV and VNC support for GPU-accelerated remote graphics.

Univa’s suite includes the world’s most trusted workload optimization solution enabling organizations to manage and optimize distributed applications, containers, data center services, legacy applications, and Big Data frameworks in a single, dynamically shared set of resources. It is the most widely deployed workload optimization solution used today in more than 10,000 data centers across thousands of applications and use cases.

Be sure to stop by Univa booth (#849) at SC17 to learn more about containers on November 13 – 16, in Denver, Colo.

About UberCloud

UberCloud is the online Community, Marketplace, and Software Container Factory where engineers, scientists, and their service providers, discover, try, and buy ubiquitous high-performance computing power and Software-as-a-Service, from Cloud resource providers and application software vendors around the world. UberCloud’s unique high-performance software container technology simplifies software packageability and portability, enables ease of access and instant use of engineering SaaS solutions, and maintains scalability across multiple compute nodes. Please visit or contact us at

About Univa Corporation

Univa is the leading innovator of workload management products that optimize performance of applications, services and containers. Univa enables enterprises to fully utilize and scale compute resources across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. Advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities provide insights to make scheduling decisions and achieve even faster time-to-results. Univa’s solutions help hundreds of companies to manage thousands of applications and run billions of tasks every day. Univa is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Canada and Germany. For more information, please visit

Source: Univa Corp.

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