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Switch Between Public, Private Clouds with Connected Cloud 

Canadian managed services and telecommunications provider Ormuco today unveiled Connected Cloud, a hybrid cloud that allows enterprises to switch between private and public cloud environments.

Based on HP Helion OpenStack, Connected Cloud was designed to enable organizations to initiate a hybrid cloud environment that easily transitions from a private cloud to a public cloud on a pay-as-you-go basis. Helion OpenStack is a combined Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for cloud-native workloads.

"Ormuco is entering the cloud services market since there is a vital need for a hybrid cloud solution with streamlined functionality for enterprise customers," said Ormuco CEO and founder Orlando Bayter, in a statement. "HP Helion OpenStack and Ormuco’s new data centers enable us to create environments that focus on service delivery regardless of the underlying infrastructure."

Ormuco began its partnership with HP about a year ago, said Michael Malynowsky, chief operating officer of the Montreal-based company. In addition, Ormuco is certifying and qualifying ISVs to work on its solution and become accessible to all 175 members – including British Telecom and Telefonica -- of the HP Helion network via Ormuco's portal, he said.

"In enterprises, you have development teams and you have operational teams. We can give a public cloud to developers and we can give a private cloud to the operational team… but what's really neat with us, is that cloud – private, public – is seamless," Malynowsky told Enterprise Technology. "They can port between the private and public cloud seamlessly. Traditionally when you're a developer and using a pay as you go model in the public cloud, if you keep using that model in production, it would become expensive. Because we allow you to go in the private cloud, we allow you to have a monthly, even a three-year or five-year, contract because you kind of know what usage you'll have. Our public cloud is less expensive than Amazon's public cloud."

In addition, this cloud offering allows CIOs and financial officers to break down their cloud expenses, he said.

"The CIO is able to get a true split of all the costs: for example, so much money was spent on ERP, so much spent on developing this new game for the company, this amount of dollars spent on developing an online store for customers, so the CFO now will have a true cost of the IT per business segment whereas before it was difficult for IT to justify all these millions of IT expenditure," added Malynosky.

Ormuco is targeting Connected Cloud at both multi-national corporations with operations in multiple countries, as well as small and midsize businesses looking to save money and improve support, said Malynowsky. Because its solution covers cloud, network, and connectivity, it's a one-stop support call, he said.

Ormuco currently operates datacenters in Dallas; Sunnyvale, Calif., and Montreal, and plans to add datacenters in New York, Seattle, London, and Frankfurt, the company said. In addition, it expects to establish datacenters in Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates region, as well as Japan and Australia to further support international customers, according to Ormuco. Through its membership in the HP Helion Network, users can access workload portability through datacenters managed by other ecosystem members around the world, Ormuco said.




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