Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, June 9, 2023


<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="77" height="49" />America's "can do" spirit and a look at three technology areas where the U.S. is poised to win globally in the coming years.

Americans are resilient, open-minded, hardworking and innovative. As difficult as it is to remember this during an economic downturn, our history proves it. Because of these inherent traits and myriads of others this great nation possesses, we are poised to recover and thrive – nay, dominate the global tech market in the future.

This week, the Wall Street Journal published “The Coming Tech-led Boom,” an opinion piece outlining three technology areas where the U.S. is poised to win globally in the coming years.

Akin to the technologies that emerged in the early 1900s – such as electrification, telephony, the automobile, invention of stainless steel and the radio amplifier – these authors cite the next big players in the Technology Showdown: big data, smart manufacturing, and a wireless revolution.

Readers of DM Report know that big data and smart manufacturing are near and dear to our hearts. We’ve discussed the need to bring these transformative tools to manufacturers everywhere, regardless of size, as well as the equally pressing need to foste talent within our education system and current workforce.

The importance of these initiatives is captured eloquently in the following quote from the article:

“The era of near-perfect computational design and production will unleash as big a change in how we make things as the agricultural revolution did in how we grew things. And it will be defined by high talent not cheap labor.”

Do you need a boost to your patriotism? Read the full article and renew your sense of pride in the America that fostered the innovations of Orville and Wilbur Wright, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs – then tell me you don’t have faith in the technological future of our country. Will there be adversity along the way? Of course. Will the work be hard? Naturally. But America has historically thrived on adversity and hard work; as our future history is being written, this will continue to be true.