Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, February 24, 2024


New Apps Drive Demand for Compute Capacity
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The growing reliance on Big Data analytics, the expanded use of more sophisticated modeling, and the emergence of the Internet of Things as well as mainstream artificial intelligence applications ...Full Article

SoftLayer To Outflank Rivals With Bare Metal, InfiniBand, And Power8

There are many ways for IBM to get to the $7 billion revenue run rate it has promised Wall Street it can hit as it exits 2015. One way ...Full Article

Future Intel Xeon E7 Processors Sighted

The "Ivy Bridge" revamp of Intel's Xeon server processor line is not quite yet complete, but it is getting close. The "Ivy Bridge-EX" Xeon E7 v2 chip for machines ...Full Article

Supermicro Revs Up Low Latency HFT Servers

If you have the need for speed, Supermicro has a server for you. Supermicro is known to many as a motherboard supplier, but the company has a large and ...Full Article

Supermicro Case Study Explores TCO Advantage

Datacenter managers are constantly searching for ways to reduce expenses while raising efficiency at the same time. In a new white paper, Supermicro claims the company's high-performance servers can ...Full Article

Supermicro FatTwin Takes Center Stage at ISC 2012

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="95" height="60" />New 4U, 8/4 Node FatTwin joins Supermicro’s SuperBlade, GPU Platforms, SuperWorkstation, 4-Way and Twin Architecture Solutions highlighting Supermicro’s supercomputing solutions for HPCFull Article
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