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Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic Extends Object-Based Tape Tier to NetApp StorageGRID

BOULDER, Colo. Feb. 8, 2024 -- Spectra Logic, a global leader in data management and data storage solutions, announced it has validated its On-Prem Glacier solutions for deployment in ...Full Article

Spectra Logic Ushers in Nearline Disk at 10 Cents/GB

At SpectraSummit held in Boulder, Colorado, this week, Spectra Logic debuted a new nearline disk storage system, called ArcticBlue, which snaps into the company’s BlackPearl hybrid storage architecture to create ...Full Article

Cray Taps HSM Startup for Tiered Storage

Cray has aspirations in enterprise datacenters and that means putting together a complete set of storage as well as heavy-duty compute clusters. To that end, Cray is working with ...Full Article

Spectra Logic Rides the Data Explosion Wave with Tape

If you listen to the quarterly conference calls of the big IT suppliers who play in the tape market, as we at EnterpriseTech do, invariably you hear them bemoan ...Full Article

Yahoo, NASCAR Intrigued by Spectra DS3 Object Storage for Tape

Tape is not dead by any stretch of the imagination at the largest data centers of the world. But it could very well be that the bell is tolling ...Full Article