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New RHEL 7 Linux Stresses Apps, Scaling

Red Hat has unveiled the latest version of its open-source operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, promoting it as the foundation of an "open hybrid cloud" that delivers ...Full Article

Red Hat Finally Gets A Piece Of The HANA Action

Thousands of companies have dropped their relational databases and moved to SAP's HANA in-memory database and application platform, and SAP's own Business Suite application stack running atop HANA has ...Full Article

Red Hat OpenStack 5.0 Mashes Up Icehouse And RHEL 7 Beta

Everybody is trying to make money on the OpenStack wave and every day a new distribution seems to pop into existence. Linux enthusiasts are probably having flashbacks to the ...Full Article

Red Hat Focuses RHEL 7 On Virtualization, File Systems

It isn't called Enterprise Linux for nothing. Eleven years ago, when Red Hat decided to get serious about the corporate market, it killed off its hobbyist Linux and created ...Full Article

Red Hat Joins The Crowd On Google Cloud

The cloud is making for strange bedfellows, which may turn out to be another of its attributes as prices decline. Case in point: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is ...Full Article
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