News & Insights for the AI Journey|Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Network Automation: Trust = Visibility

Network virtualization and software-actuated networking are finally moving past the hype stage and it’s likely you’re now considering a real investment in automation. But before you start, consider this: ...Full Article

5G Readiness Lags — Here’s What to Do Now

The coming of 5G was one of the main themes at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Computerworld went so far as to say CES 2019 was “all about 5G,” ...Full Article

Architecting Your Network for 5G

5G has the unique challenge of enabling not only well-known services, such as mobile phone calls and ultra-broadband, but new services with very different characteristics. These services include low ...Full Article

Mellanox Raises SHIELD for Enhanced Network Resiliency

High-performance networking company Mellanox is announcing a new protocol it’s calling SHIELD, an acronym for “Self Healing Interconnect Enhancement for inteLligent Datacenters.” Enabled within Mellanox’s 100G EDR and 200G ...Full Article

Facebook, Partners Light Up Datacenter Nets

The steady enterprise shift to open source software and hardware is expanding to datacenter networking via a collaboration between Facebook and networking partners as part of an effort to ...Full Article

Session Awareness: Overcoming Standalone Network Functions

Lately, things have felt a bit like the 1990s. A hot new app had just been released and everyone was talking about it – but its reliability and performance ...Full Article

Avoiding the Nightmare of Network Downtime in the Cloud

When I think about network downtime, many words come to mind. Among them: panic, fear, Armageddon. Perhaps that last one is a bit dramatic, but as IT functions and ...Full Article

Keeping up with the Data Center: Will Innovation Continue?

The enterprise and data center markets are going through what some experts call a “once in a decade transition.” Driven by the insatiable demand for ever-increasing bandwidth, these industries ...Full Article

100 Million IOPS: Brocade’s New Gen 6 Fibre Channel Switch

Fibre Channel market leader Brocade today announced the G620 Switch, which the company says is the industry’s first Gen 6 fixed port Fibre Channel SAN switch designed to support ...Full Article

Open Source Effort Targets Faster Nets, Storage

Networking is becoming a bottleneck as enterprises store, move and sift through vast quantities of structured and unstructured data from a growing list of sources. In an effort to ...Full Article
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