Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, December 9, 2022


DARPA Expands Access to Chip IP

The Pentagon’s premiere R&D agency is expanding an initiative designed to provide technology startups with broader access to semiconductor and other intellectual property in hopes of stimulating innovation. The ...Full Article

Quantum Computing, ML Drive 2019 Patent Awards

The dizzying pace of technology innovation often fueled by the growing availability of computing horsepower is underscored by the race to develop unique designs and application that can be ...Full Article

Amazon’s Diversified Patent Portfolio Expanding

Amazon has long eschewed profits, preferring instead to plow capital expenditures into product innovation in sectors ranging from online retail to cloud computing. That aggressive strategy has made it ...Full Article

Cisco Sees Cloud Apps Fueling ‘Zettabyte Era’

Brace yourself for the Zettabyte Era. That forecast comes from networking equipment giant Cisco Systems, which has released its latest Visual Networking Index that foresees global Internet Protocol traffic ...Full Article